Craig Wright’s Wife Wins UK Bitcoin Lawsuit

It’s been just reported that Craig Wright’s wife won a Bitcoin-related UK lawsuit. Here’s what happened.

Ramona Ang is the wife of the controversial Craig Wright who you probably know by now proclaimed himself Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ramona Ang wins UK lawsuit

She just won a lawsuit in the UK High Court over some looses that she incurred when the UFX exchange platform closed her account without returning her funds.

CoinDesk notes that the honourable Judge Justice Butcher granted Ang’s claim to equitable compensation, saying the Cyprus-based defendant Reliantco – operator of UFX – had failed to justify its counterclaim and “acted in breach of trust and of its fiduciary duties of loyalty in dealing with the positions opened on Ms Ang’s account.”

Reliantco failed in making its case that, while Ang had opened the account in January 2017, “it was Dr Wright who had thereafter operated the account ‘as a means of overcoming the effects of the Defendant’s termination of Dr Wright’s own account with it.’”

It’s also important to note that it claimed the fact that her funds had been obtained by fraud, via Wright’s involvement with the account.

The same online publication notes that “Ang had claimed for $708,857, comprising of an initial investment placed in bitcoin futures of over US$400,000, as well as around $300,000 in gains on her open positions. She further claimed $600,000 in damages for gains she would have realized if the funds hadn’t been withheld.”

The total of the claims came to $2,643,020.

Just to refresh your memory, Wright also fights a court case in the US over billions in BTC – he claims to have mined these in the early days of the coin with his former business partner, David Kleiman.

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