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Crypto Adoption Boom With New App Integration: Coinbase To Educate 103 Million User Base

Coinbase is making a move that supports the mass adoption of crypto. This has been one of the most important goals that the crypto industry set, and there are a lot of things happening that support this bold goal. Check out the latest reports about Coinbase below.

Coinbase supports crypto adoption

The important digital asset exchange Coinbase is taking an aggressive approach to inform its users how American politicians stand on crypto-related issues.

In a new announcement, Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong addressed how the exchange is pushing its crypto education initiative. This is happening in order to support political candidates with positive sentiment towards crypto.

It’s been just revealed the following, according to official notes:

“Coinbase will begin integrating our crypto policy efforts right into our app. These will help our 103,000,000 verified users get educated on the crypto positions held by political leaders where they live.”

The integration allows Coinbase app users to see who among the members of the congress are crypto-friendly based on public statements they made. It also allows them to register to vote and learn about local town hall events.

“Some of the publicly available data backing this comes from an organization we helped support, called the CryptoActionNetwork scorecard. This scorecard is the first of its kind and a new tool for the crypto community to learn about their elected officials.”

Coinbase in the news

The head of Coinbase is sharing his thoughts about the industry’s present and future.

In a new interview with CNBC’s Crypto World, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tells host Kate Rooney that he believes Big Tech companies like BlackRock and Meta will all take part in the next phase of the crypto-powered internet.

“We want every company in the world to integrate into crypto. Just like saying we want every company to have an internet presence or to use the internet in some way.”

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