Crypto Adoption Boost: Square Makes Crypto Wallets Less Complicated

The mass adoption of digital assets has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry set.

There are all kinds of moves that have been taking place to support this important goal of the crypto space.

Mass adoption can be boosted with the help of big players who invest money in crypto, but this can be also achieved by boosting Bitcoin and crypto’s popularity and making them more accessible for the general public.

Square makes crypto wallets easier to use

Now, Square is also working to boost the mainstream crypto adoption by helping make crypto wallets less complicated.

The online publication the Daily Hodl notes that the financial services company is on a mission to make crypto wallets less complicated.

Square Crypto,  which is the crypto arm of the payments giant, made the announcement on Twitter.

They noted that they are awarding a grant to a developer who envisions a better experience for crypto wallet users.

Supporting crypto adoption and overcoming the barriers in the crypto space

Maggie Valentine is currently head of design for non-profit She256 – she is working to foster inclusive design in the blockchain space.

“Maggie’s thesis is that bitcoin should be usable by anyone, regardless of technical proficiency. Difficult wallet UX shouldn’t determine who benefits from bitcoin. Her plan is to investigate these problems and publish recommendations to make onboarding more user-friendly,” Square posted on Twitter.

She highlighted the crypto’s potential to shape the future of financial infrastructure.

She also talked about the barriers that surround the crypto space and which have to be overcome.

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