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Crypto Adoption Explosion: BlockWRK Launches First Visa Card For Earning And Spending Crypto Anywhere

Mass adoption of digital assets and their underlying technology, the blockchain, has been the boldest goal that the crypto industry had from the beginning.

The space has been seeing so many moves in this direction, and they continue as we speak. The latest great news from the industry comes from BlockWRK and Visa.

The pandemic and remote work

During this tragic pandemic that managed to change our lives probably for good, lockdowns have forced most firms and companies to switch to remote work.

And now, even though things seem to be going in the right direction, the crisis is not over and the US workforce is facing uncertainty and fear about the idea to go back to work.

During the lockdowns, people have been experiencing a more sedentary lifestyle associated with lower productivity, more stress, and low personal happiness – all these contributed to a state of fear and uncertainty that sometimes led to burnout and extreme stress.

This triggered many resignations (11.5 million in the US alone), and now businesses are trying their best to get things back on track.

BlockWRK and Visa team up to boost crypto adoption

What managed to shine during this whole pandemic are digital assets, and their resilience led to massive growth in popularity these days. People have been turning to Bitcoin and crypto as a viable hedge against inflation and store of wealth.

BlockWRK is an entity that issues the federally approved WRK token, and they just revealed an exciting partnership with Visa for offering employees rewards app via a Visa card.

This app is rewarding workers with the WRK token in order for them to be able to complete daily goals that are related to health, safety, and job performance as well.

People will get the ability to redeem their tokens as USD via a Visa debit card in real-time. They will also get the chance to retain them as tokens like in a savings account.

The best thing is that employees will also be able to benefit from remote mental health counseling and telehealth services.

Promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle for employees

This partnership aims to offer a better solution for employees, and it’s doing it via four unique ways.

  • Automated rewards – WRK tokens are automatically issues into employees’ accounts
  • Redeemable rewards – people can redeem their accumulated tokens into their accounts via Visa debit cards
  • Flat-fee advance pay – employees can earn up to $200 from the next paycheck for a flat fee of $5
  • Telehealth – these services are beyond valuable during the times we live in; a 24/7 mental health support line will turn out crucial for employee’s health and productivity

One of the most valuable and exciting benefits that this partnership has is the last one we mentioned above. Telehealth services are vital these days for maintaining employees in the best shape mentally and physically because this will eventually lead to optimal productivity.


It’s also essential to note the fact that the WRK token powers the app’s economy and it’s listed and tradeable on Bitmart.

With the Visa integration, people will be able to withdraw their tokens via Visa debit cards in the best and easiest way.

“People are the most valuable asset for any company that knows what it’s doing,” says George Mylonakis, CEO and Founder of BlockWRK.

“Our app allows businesses to show workers their appreciation in a fair, honest, and transparent way, with smart contracts issuing instant rewards for meeting clear-cut targets. With this unique Visa card, claiming these rewards is easy and seamless. In future updates, we will expand its core functionality to turn BlockWRK into an innovative all-around HR-management tool.”

BlockWRK and Visa are working together to build a better future for people and their work, better suited for the times we live in.

The changes brought by the pandemic have affected health and work and most of the changes are here to stay. This is why it’s crucial to keep up with the times and embrace new ways to boost productivity and employees’ overall state.

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