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Crypto Exchange Co-Founder Says He Amasses These Coins

Crypto derivatives exchange ​Hxro co-founder Rob Levy says he’s buying several assets during the market downturn period. During an episode of Delta-Fi, the co-founder claimed he’s not concerned about capturing the exact bottom of the crypto correction. Still, as the markets search for a direction, he’s accumulating BTC, ETH, the relatively new smart contract network Solana (SOL), and FTX Token (FTT), the native asset of the FTX crypto exchange platform.

“I want to own the stuff that’s going to best perform. And I’m going to keep adding to it,” Levy said. “I was happy to add to Bitcoin at $45,000 – it’s such a longer game to me. You don’t want to get washed out by the noise. What do I think is going to be around? I think Ethereum, people are just getting hip to itWe’re still at that stage where people are getting in – I’m adding to my key positions. Bitcoin Ethereum, Solana, FTT I think is an absolute no brainer.”

Levy added that FTT, in particular, may scare some investors because its price is 20 times higher than it was during the last bear market, even after a massive dip.

“Let’s talk about FTT. Let’s say it’s $27, so it’s 20 times higher than where you were buying it. What has their user number done? What has their volume done? Their burns have grown by 100x. If all of that is up more, then it makes me feel better. It’s a different product,” the Hxro co-founder said.

Levy also warned that BTC and the market could still drop further: “We could easily go down to $20,000 again. You can protect yourself. You don’t have to be all in all the time. Being all in in spot coin, that technically shouldn’t hurt you unless you have to sell for liquidity. One Bitcoin is one Bitcoin. If you think it’s going to be way higher in the future and you don’t have to sell it, there’s no problem there.”

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