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Crypto Mass Adoption: McDonald’s And Walmart To Accept Bitcoin As Payment Via Lightning Network

The mass adoption of Bitcoin and crypto continues despite the world crisis. Check out the latest reports that support the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

It’s been just revealed that McDonald’s and Walmart will start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Watcher Guru notes that the adoption rate of Bitcoin and other digital assets is way past the nascent stage.

Crypto payments and transactions are no longer limited to the crypto industry, and the mainstream adoption continues.

In a recent announcement, the CEO of Strike, Jack Mallers, revealed that they were integrating Bitcoin into some of the largest payment processors, NCR, Blackhawk as well as Shopify.

“Any platform that employs these processors will be able to carry out transactions using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.”

According to the same reports, “this in turn would aid Bitcoin bugs to pay while buying a burger at McDonald’s or grabbing a coffee at Starbucks.”

More than that, it seems that grocery shopping at Walmart can be carried out through crypto now. All this is showing that the crypto adoption is going strong despite the world problems.

Gemini survey reveals massive crypto adoption in 2021

t seems that crypto adoption is seeing more and more strength. A new survey is out, and it was released by the Gemini exchange. Check out the interesting details that have been also addressed by the online publication the Daily Hodl.

It’s been revealed that a study conducted by crypto exchange platform Gemini finds that crypto adoption reached a crucial tipping point in 2021.

In a new report, Gemini surveyed more than 29,000 adults in 20 countries. This has been made in an effort to gauge the world’s awareness and attitude toward digital assets. Stay tuned for more juicy crypto news.

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