John McAfee for President – Software tycoon turned cryptocurrency savant John McAfee recently announced his run for the presidency in 2020. What initially seemed like a long shot has been gaining steam as democratic front runner Joe Biden’s campaign hits the skids; Biden’s primary problems being advanced stages of dementia and his inability to form complete sentences. Some have speculated that the dems could rule Biden unfit and bring in McAfee for the democratic nomination in a brokered convention.

John McAfee of McAfee antivirus is well known for living the bond life in Belize where he rode around on pickup trucks with beautiful scantily clad woman and heavily armed security guards. More recently Mr. McAfee has become one of the most well-known faces in crypto famous for charging $100k a tweet to his 1 million followers on twitter and predicting BTC would hit $1 million USD.

On June 3, 2018 via twitter Mr. McAfee formally announced his candidacy for the White House either with the Libertarian Party or under the banner of a party of his own creation. In January 2019 McAfee announced via twitter he would be continuing his campaign “in exile” McAfee indicated that he was in “international waters”, and had previously tweeted that he was on his way to Venezuela. In June 2019 proving his campaign was still very much alive Mr. McAfee tweeted that his campaign headquarters was relocated to Havana, Cuba. Around the same time, MAfee defended Communist revolutionary Che Guevara on Twitter, putting himself at odds with the Libertarian Party, with Libertarian National Committee chairman Nicholas Sarwark saying, “I hear very little buzz about McAfee this time around…making a defense of Che Guevara from Cuba may ingratiate him with the Cuban government, but it didn’t resonate well with Libertarians.”

According to his official campaign page which sports the tagline “Dont Vote McAfee” : “My campaign platform contains one item: how do we free ourselves from a government that no longer serves us, but instead has become our master – controlling our every action, down to the detail of what we may or may not put into our bodies and minds. Our two party system created a voting process which is an illusion, and a government that fluctuates between two extremes – each extreme annulling any progress made by the opposition in the prior administration. It is a government that has gone insane. While we carry the burden of this government we are not free.

Any attempt to address national problems, of any nature, is doomed to failure. The best that can be hoped is a solution driven by conflict and incomplete in substance. Until we free ourselves, we are powerless to create any real change. And since our insane government keeps massive secrets from us and is masterful at disinformation, there is not a single National issue that we know the true state of. How then can we address it? You cannot fix what you cannot see. So do not ask me about immigration, foreign relations, education etc. I have no idea. Those claiming that they do are lying to themselves, or if not, they are purposely lying to you. We must first be free. Freedom for The People is my only goal.

Mr. McAfee quickly assembled a colorful campaign team including Zoe Nawar, Xanthe Eriksson, Rob Loggia, Janice Mcafee, Amphlux, Bruce Heidelberg, Tommy Austin, Eric Dilliard, Grand Deltz, Jay Pizzle and Paul Salerno.

McAfee stated: “If asked again by the Libertarian party, I will run with them. If not, I will create my own party. I believe this will best serve the crypto community by providing the ultimate campaign platform against us.”

This is not the first foray into politics for Mr. McAfee who ran for office in 2016. First running with the newly formed “Cyber Party” that he himself created Mr. MacAfee joined the race for the Libertarian nomination instead. During the campaign, McAfee was considered a front-runner for the nomination, and participated in the first televised Libertarian primary debates. At the convention, McAfee came in third place, with 14.1% of the delegates on the second ballot, behind Austin Petersen and the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. Following the convention, McAfee declined to endorse the Johnson campaign, and announced that he would not run for office again.

While a brokered convention seems likely it is not yet known if the democrats would convalesce around McAfee and nominate him to challenge President Donald Trump in the November general election. If they do, candidate McAfee will have every crypto loving HODLR on the planet backing him up.



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