Crypto Warning: Hackers Are Using Browser Extensions To Steal Bitcoin (BTC)

Whoever believes that the crypto space is all fun and games is very wrong because this is a hazardous business.

Hackers can make enthusiasts’ digital assets disappear, and the danger is pretty high.

That’s why all people who are interested to become a part of the crypto space have to be able to acknowledge the importance of risk.

Hackers are now using browser extensions

Anyway, hackers have started to use browser extensions from text editing apps to wallpaper in order to steal your BTC, says Casa CEO Jeremy Welch.

The man has recently spoken to an audience at the Baltic  Honeybadger conference in Riga during the past weekend, and he focused on the high risks which are involved in everyday internet activities.

He also addressed online transactions that can leave a trail of valuable data in the hands of criminals.

He made sure to bring up the rise in physical attacks on BTC holders who are exposed at a huge risk since such attacks make it really hard for victims to retrieve their stolen BTC.

This is obviously due to the irreversible nature of the blockchain, as the Daily Hodl reported.

13 ways in which hackers can hijack digital assets

It’s also important to note that Welch listed 13 ways bad actors can hijack your crypto.

He also illustrated some scenarios which have proven the reasons for which BTC and crypto investors have te remain vigilant.

Welch said the following: “Browser extensions pose major risks and it’s especially for web apps. We think the risks around browser extensions are being under-discussed at this point and we want to raise that discussion a little bit. How major are these risks?”

It’s been reported that the demos in his presentation show just how easily the data can be dumped from extensions into nefarious hands that can trigger a horrible result – loss of funds.

The data dump can include a string of BTC addresses from searches to, among other websites.

We recommend that you watch the video in order to learn more.

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