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CryptoGames – Impeccable Services, Extravagant Games and immeasurable profits!

The gambling industry is now relishing an era of excellence and gaining more popularity than ever before. The huge spike of interest in the industry was caused by the creation of online casinos and was fuelled by awesome innovations of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These online casinos host hundreds of thousands of online gamblers daily, who rush to these sites to participate in their preferred form of entertainment. Gambling casinos generated the huge positive response from the community due to the rich services they provided and for the fact that these sites provided an alternative to traditional casinos where one had to be physically be present at the location of the casino.

Throughout the years, there has been a rapid rise in the number of online gamblers and as a result numerous online casinos were created to accommodate the masses. However to due lack of efficiency, many of these online casinos are incapable of fully satisfying their clients with their services and as a result many gamblers have formed a lamentable opinion about online gambling. This is where the elite gambling sites of the internet flex their utter dominance of the industry and set a standard that other sites can look up to. The sublime online casino, CryptoGames, is one such elite gambling site and it easily establishes its status as an online casino that seeks to entertain its users with its outstanding library of games and its exalted set of services.
This old school casino is owned and run by MuchGaming B.V, a company that operates in Curacao and is under complete regulation of the government. In spite of its location, the site is renowned globally and has peers from all over the internet. From the time of its creation till now, CryptoGames has continued to reach milestone after milestone and has achieved the status of being one of the top gambling sites on the internet. Operated by a team of extremely dexterous individuals, CryptoGames has always strived to reach maximum user satisfaction and the site will continue to enrich its services and create a utopia for gamblers everywhere in the process.

Navigate the beautiful site with ease and comfort

Anyone who visits the gambling site will immediately be greeted by a gorgeous interface that possess all the features required to operate at maximum efficiency and to provide users with a pristine browsing experience. The site is designed in a simplistic way and has a minimalistic appearance despite its plethora of features. The site has been created so masterfully that even first time visitors will have no trouble in relishing all the site features. Moreover, a user account is automatically created every time someone visits the site for the first time eliminating the need of manually making an account. There is also a chat box where gamblers on the site can communicate flawlessly with each other. The site has also discarded any distracting designs that might disrupt player’s concentration when they are gambling. The interface of the site is also extremely light, allowing players to play games without any trouble whatsoever. These games can also be enjoyed comfortably on devices with low specifications and the games can be accessed easily by a few clicks. Gamblers can also view the betting history easily on the screen beside the game that is being currently played.

Users of the site have the option of personalizing their account according to their desire. These settings are available under the “Your Account” tab and allow the user to change themes. The extremely popular “Dark Mode” is also available for users and can be applied by pressing a moon-shaped icon. Gamblers on the site can easily view relevant information such as FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link at the bottom of the page.

Derive maximum satisfaction by playing our superb old school games!
Gamblers from all over the internet rush towards CryptoGames to play the mesmerising games provided by the site. These games have gathered a huge following of fans who admire these games due to feeling of nostalgia these games offer and due to the fun and excitement one gets when he/she plays the games. Beloved by veteran and new gamblers alike, these games have an edge that most other casino games on the internet lack. Quite a few of these games preceded the internet era and had generated worldwide interest before gambling sites were created. CryptoGames offers 8 of these sublime games- which have immediately impressed majority of gamblers who played them. Moreover, the casino also provides a multitude of handy guides that gamblers can follow to master the extravagant games. Lastly, CryptoGames has limited the number of games to 8 as it focuses on enriching the quality of the games instead of focusing on the quantity. The old school games offered are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker and Lotto.
Furthermore, the games that are provided by CryptoGames are provably fair. This means that the randomness and neutrality of bet results can be confirmed by using special Cryptographic procedures. Friendly guides on how to do this using hashes and seeds are provided by CryptoGames. A third party website called RandomPicker is used by the site to confirm the results of lottery draws. This ensures that lottery draws are absolutely fair as RandomPicker operates by using anti cheat procedures to come to its results. All required data is also made available to the public by CryptoGames, so that users can utilise this data to clear any doubts about draw results.

Lastly, CryptoGames boasts a very competitive house edge that has impressed gamblers from all over the internet. The game of Dice has the minimum house edge with only 0.8%. Lotto has 0% house edge and winners are given all of the cryptocurrency generated during the event. Everyone has better odds of winning as all games have very reasonable house edge.


Have a great time relishing lucrative promotions, fabulous incentives and festive events all throughout the year!
CryptoGames harbours a great taste for festive events and remunerative promotions! All throughout the year, users are gifted with multiple opportunities of claiming wonderful rewards due to a plethora of promotional events! Here, players from all over the casino get to claim vast amounts of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other awesome gifts! The CryptoGames social media account and the Bitcointalk forum are used to announce these fantastic events and notify players. During these fun events the casino gives away free coins and offers custom games that can be played to win even more prizes. In the previous year, there were special Halloween and Christmas events that gifted users with free coins through email! There are also Daily, Weekly and Monthly challenges that are quite rewarding. The weekly No Bet Speed Limit event is hosted every Monday by CryptoGames, where users collect an ample amount of coins as restrictions are lifted and a larger number of bets per second can be placed during the day.

The users of CryptoGames also relish special incentives such as Faucet. Faucet is of extreme importance to a multitude of users as the incentive allows users to claim free coins which are used implement various techniques and strategies. These handy coins allow a user to test different ideas and plans without incurring any losses on his actual balance. Players who have high levels of faucet can claim more coins than those with lower levels of faucet thus many gamblers prioritize raising their faucet level by completing various tasks. At the highest level of faucet allows Users to earn up to 6,150 satoshi.

Lastly, the gamblers of CryptoGames have another blessing bestowed upon them known as Rain. Rain rewards active chatters at random intervals with free coins for their friendliness and their contribution to the community through effective communication. Moreover, CryptoGames does not reward any spammers with Rain so that only rightful people get the reward. Rain encourages friendliness and cohesion in the community and is extremely vital in maintaining a friendly environment in CryptoGames.

Complete financial transactions swiftly and efficiently
Many online casinos suffer from a lack of proper financial system and thus have slow and inefficient deposit and withdrawal options. This results in a massive loss of time and effort crippling the casino and making financial transactions extremely tedious and irritating. An elite casino such as CryptoGames has given high importance to the establishment of a fluent financial system that will make transactions faster, simpler and more convenient. The casino has adapted extremely efficient features that will facilitate the smooth flow of cryptocurrency into the system. With the integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network, you can now make instant bitcoin deposit and start playing with few seconds paying only a fraction amount of fees! Users of the casino can make deposits or withdrawals with 9 different types of cryptocurrency, giving users multiple options to make financial activity less time and energy consuming.  It supports transactions made with any of the following cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. The casino also offers a test currency called “Play Money” which users utilise to try out different strategies and techniques without diminishing their own funds.

Support is always ready to assist you in any situation

CryptoGames provides extensive support to its users which is always ready to tackle any issues that gamblers might face. It has employed numerous measures to ensure responsible gambling for users. There are times when a gambler might be facing personal issues and might feel that they are devoting too much time on gambling. For these gamblers, CryptoGames has integrated a “Self Exclude” option which can be accessed by going to the account settings. This handy option allows the gambler to take a break from gambling. Support can always be reached in case of queries, suggestions and emergencies. The chat box also acts as a Live Support. A moderator is always present to assist with your problems. Support can also be contacted through email and they will answer within an hour most of the time. Support can also be contacted through bitcointalk forum through the announcement thread or by directly sending them a personal message.

In Conclusion

CryptoGames has established itself as a top-tier online casino in the gambling world. Its peers recognize the utter brilliance of the online casino and are awed by all the high quality services that the casino provides. The casino has a library filled with world-renowned games that have enticed thousands of online gamblers. Gamblers of the casino participate in fabulous festivities all throughout the year and win numerous free gifts!

Financial transactions are lighting fast in the gambling site, courtesy of efficient financial options. Players can always reach support in times of need. All of these make CryptoGames the great online casino it is today and assist it in ushering in an era of brilliance and enriched entertainment in the gambling world.

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