CryptoGames Review: Play and Win!

Ruling over the online world of finance, cryptocurrency is becoming the hottest topic to get familiar with. It is now taking over the online platforms as one of the most necessary currencies to have. Many online entertainment platforms are introducing and enabling the use of cryptocurrencies more often nowadays. It comes with the ability to become one of the most reliable resources to use for long-term investment. As the wave of change is becoming more apparent in the entertainment platforms, online gambling websites have also taken on the challenge to introduce it to their users.

While a lot of the online gambling websites have been offering various cryptocurrencies on their system, it has become a lot more challenging to maintain a good security protocol and raise the entertainment value. However, we wouldn’t say this results in the scarcity of good-quality online casinos. Because many top-quality online casinos are offering full crypto-oriented entertainment for their users.

One such example of reliable crypto-based online casinos is, CryptoGames.

About the casino:

The curacao-based crypto casino, CryptoGames, is one of the highly recommended online casinos that is very much popular among the gambling community. The leading crypto casino offers quality services to its users with an outstanding user interface, highly engaging and profitable betting games, progressive jackpots, unmatched VIP perks, and the list goes on. Since day 1, the establishment has shown consistent and steady growth online. The platform has also gained popularity with its impenetrable security, list of profitable rewards, reasonably low house edges, and device-friendly games. It is also quite known for its incredibly fast transaction systems. Today, it is one of the best gambling websites on the internet where you can blindly spend for entertainment. Right now, the casino has 9 well-designed games to catch the attention of serious gamblers. And the novice gamblers as well. They are all crafted to be lightweight for all kinds of devices. On top of that, accessing the website is also really easy from any smart device. For your convenience we have added brief ideas about the games down below:


The Games:

This year, CryptoGames has launched another version of their all-time crowd-pleaser Dice. The redesigned DiceV2 model has been successful in attracting more advanced-level gamblers from all over the world. It is definitely one of the hottest redone versions of the classic game. Accompanying DICEV2 on the list, there is 8 other crypto version of all casino favorites for all gamblers. Each one of the games has been modeled with enriched entertainment value and attraction. They also come with incredible guidelines that help new players on board to understand the game as simply as possible. For any players using computer devices, or keyboards, CryptoGames has built dedicated shortcut keys for the users. This means you can get your bets ready to be placed for the games using keyboard keys. Along with guidelines and hotkey/keyboard shortcuts, they also come with great profit margins and descriptions of payout systems. Apart from Lottery, every single one of the games are available to be played using 10 cryptocurrencies offered by CryptoGames. However, in case there are users of any other cryptocurrencies then they are also able to exchange their funds using the casino-provided methods.


The game comes with a modern outlook that can suit casino gaming trends. Its simple guidelines and keyboard shortcuts make it as good as the real dice game where one throws a cube on a betting mat. Although it has been redefined to meet modern expectations, it will forever remain on the top as one of the easiest beginner-friendly games. In the classic version of the Dice, the objective of the game can be fulfilled by rolling the dice correctly for either one of the two conditions. Roll over a certain amount or roll under a specified amount. Once a player successfully rolls their dice all winning rolls will return a payout determined by the bet amount. Winning chances for Dice is great as it offers a great range of 0.000 to 99.999.


It is one of the widely played games around the world of casinos. CryptoGames has brought a crypto version of the 5-reel Slot Machine game that carries both the modern and classic essence of casino games. Completing its very simple objective rewards the players with great payout sums. If the players can end up with any one of the winning combinations (formed with 5 symbols) out of 7, then they will clear the objective. Otherwise, they will lose the entire amount they have wagered for the round. Slot comes with directions and guidelines about the winning combinations and the payout distribution. Slot’s crypto-oriented version at CryptoGames is offering a 49.73% chance for wins. Which is considerably easy to aim for since the order of the symbols in the winning combinations does not matter.


The game we often know as 21. Blackjack at CryptoGames is designed to have an auto bet feature. This means you can set multiple settings for your bets in Blackjack. Since it gets a little tricky for the players to win against the casino’s dealer, the game never lacks thrill and excitement. Upon the defeat of the house dealer, Blackjack rewards its players with great payouts. Whenever players score 21 points from the drawing of their very first two cards, they fulfill the game’s objective without any other complexity. The objective of the game can also be completed if the players beat the hand of the house dealer by earning better points. Another condition under which a winner is declared is if the house dealer loses against the player by exceeding 21 points. Blackjack comes with Double Down, Surrender, or Split options.


The crypto model of the classic European Roulette comes with simple complexity-free rules and highly profiting payouts. Players can fulfill their objective of the game by making sure their ball lands in an area on the spinning wheel that also includes neighbor bets. Since the game is played on a 37 number spinning wheel with only one 0, players must aim to choose possibly winning neighbor areas. If their balls land in any one of the lucky slots from the neighboring areas, it is a clear win.

Video Poker

Much like the classic Poker game,  crypto-oriented Video Poker has been one of the coolest card games offered at casinos. It comes with a straightforward objective that requires the players to form a winning hand against that of the house dealer. CryptoGames has included three additional versions for Video Poker, to bring out the best strategies from the players. Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better are the ones you will find at the casino. To win the maximum payout from Video Poker, aim to form strategies for Royal Flush. Since jackpots or royal flushes sound almost impossible to win, the game enables the drawing of additional cards (one card per hand) for a royal flush.


For all the fans of televised Plinko, CryptoGames’ modern crypto version has become one of the most attractive casino games. It successfully continues to attract players from basically any skill level. The game’s objective is completed when after dropping from the top of the pyramid, the ball successfully lands into a winning slot at the bottom of the pegged pyramid. Plinko can be played using 4 different shades of balls. These 4 shades indicate 4 different house edges and payouts. However, the players are ultimately take home a reward amount that is also calculated using the slot’s payout value. The point to be noted is that the highest betting limits for the game will also depend on the color of the balls.


Another classic game that is modernized with lucrative designs. The crypto version of Minesweeper is, believe it or not, much simpler than the original computer puzzle version. CryptoGames version gives its players options like cashing out the rewards before all the tiles are turned on the minefield or before they land on a mine. It even lets the players choose the difficulty level they are comfortable with to begin the game. With all these new characteristics, the objective of the game still remains the same. Steer clear of the mines. The lesser the number of mines, the bigger the reward amount becomes. This means, if players can steer clear of the most difficult level for the minefield, then they are guaranteed to win the biggest prize amount.


As mentioned above, CryptoGames’ recent upgraded version of Dice, has already been well explored by excited gamblers of the internet.  While a number of crypto gamblers are looking for new games to wager their funds on, DiceV2 silently becomes a game that not only collects reviews for the brand-new look, but also for advanced architecture. In the brand-new version, players clear the objective of the game by rolling their dice carefully enough to land on the green zone. The green zone found on the slider bar can be specified by the players. This green zone will act as a condition under which the players are betting. Here, the bigger risk you take, by decreasing the size of the green zone, the lesser your odds of winning become. However, it also means, that a win can guarantee you the biggest reward for the game.


If you believe in old ways of testing your luck, you better do it right by playing the game of Lottery at CryptoGames. Using 4 different cryptocurrencies, play the Lottery to aim for highly profitable rewards. This means every draw will take place offering great payouts. On the website, the game can be seen with its personalized countdown timer for every ongoing round. If any player is good at calculating big sums, then they will be able to count their winning odds using the total numbers of Pot, tickets, and the ongoing reward amount. Every lots are drawn every week on two different days. Wednesday and Saturday.

One of the lowest house edges in the industry:

Gamblers at CryptoGames can enjoy playing their favorite games without having to worry about the house edge of the casino. CryptoGames can proudly boast about having one of the lowest house edges in the gambling industry. The house edge of the games are:

  • Dice -1.0%.
  • Slot- 1.97%.
  • Blackjack- 1.25%.
  • Lottery- 0%.
  • Roulette- 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- 1.0%.
  • Video Poker -2.09%: Jacks or Better- 2.11%, Tens or Better- 2.08%. and Bonus Poker- 2.09%.
  • Plinko – 1.72: Green Ball- 1.63%, Red Ball- 1.84%, Blue Ball- 1.52%, and Yellow Ball- 1.56%.

Play using 10 Different Cryptocurrencies:

Users can start playing right away by depositing any of the 10 supported crypto currencies. Users can also purchase crypto currencies through the casino using a credit card through a third party exchange called “Onramper”. The available cryptocurrencies on board are:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, Dash and newly added currency, Solana. CryptoGames becomes the first online crypto-based casino to enable the use of Solana for all kinds of transactions. Not too long ago, the casino announced its arrival as it highly believes in the great possibilities Solana has to offer. The powerful layer-1 blockchain was built in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. Unlike many other rising cryptocurrencies, Solana is already popular for having great scalability, extremely high throughput (almost 50,000 TPS), and transaction costs that are unbelievably low all across the globe.

Newest transaction method:

To shape the casino’s futuristic capabilities for financial transaction systems, CryptoGames has added yet another flexible method called ChangeNOW. It is basically a cryptocurrency exchange platform established in the same year as Solana, 2017. ChangeNOW’s exchange system enables instant trading of cryptocurrencies without any hassle of creating an account. Since it supports over 250 crypto coins, it is indeed very convenient to use it for exchanging any cryptocurrency into the 10 available ones at CryptoGames. It is said that there are more than 50,000 trading pairs available in ChangeNOW. This means the facilitating chances of the conversion of one crypto token into another are very high. And, since one of the frequent users of Cryptocurrencies in entertainment platforms is crypto gamblers, ChangeNOW will become beneficial for the development of crypto casinos.

At CryptoGames, you can find:

Swiftest Sign-Up procedure:

At CryptoGames, there is no such thing as lengthy registrations. This is one of the reasons why many novice gamblers choose this particular casino to build up their skill levels.  The swift registration process increases the interest of all players in the games and the overall architecture of the website. At CryptoGames, the registration or the sign-up procedure can be completed within the least time possible. Upon basic registration, all users are given direct access to their accounts and a few limited features. However, to be able to enjoy all the features at the casino, especially the financial transactions, make sure to complete the full registration process. The basic process will require anyone to submit a unique user name for the account and agree to the casino’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti Money Laundering Policy. Since the 3-step registration can be completed in no more than 5 minutes, the rest of the in-depth registration can also be done at the swiftest time span.

Rewards for Referrers:

Once you complete the basic and the full registration, you will receive a referral link sent by the casino. This link is sent almost immediately upon the registration of your account. With the link, you can share news about one of the hottest online crypto-based casinos of all time. This also means you will be able to use the link to refer your friends or acquaintances to CryptoGames. Unless you do not find them directly, you can always look for them, at the “Rewards” tab. By being a referrer, you can earn 15% of the house edge from every single bet made by the players you have referred CryptoGames to. Your rewards will not be affected in any way even if they lose their bets.

Exceptional User Care:

As CryptoGames confidently states that its ultimate goal is to ensure top-quality entertainment for all gamblers around the globe, it has been thoughtful enough to add various measures for its players’ mental safety. For ensuring a safe environment for futuristic gambling experience, CryptoGames has come up with policies that regulate a responsible and safe environment for every single player on board. The casino urges the players to keep their engagement on the website as responsible and safe as possible. This way, the community also becomes close-knit. Along with thoughtful engagement, the casino also urges the players to seek help when needed. As thrilling and profiting gambling may seem, it also comes with its downsides when done mindlessly. Which then might result in gambling addiction. Therefore, CryptoGames has clearly stated its prevention policy for the users. Needless to say, the casino’s prevention policy has been successful in reducing many negative effects of crypto gambling. On top of that, it has also promoted helplines for the players to use if need be. This way, both novice and veteran players will be helped to stay aware of their limits and the effects of their actions in their own lives.

Unmatched Entertainment on your Screen brought by CryptoGames

If you have reached the bottom of our review then we hope your curiosity for the real trustworthy online casino has found answers. In today’s world, crypto gambling or any kind of online digital gambling experience can be very much rewarding if we know all about the right places or the right cryptocurrencies for ourselves. Therefore, we have shared all that we know about CryptoGames so that you don’t have to look too far! From what we have seen and experienced, the casino is apparently serving first-class games on its platform 24/7 without any buggy interface. It is thriving to become the next big innovative entertainment platform to offer rising cryptocurrencies. This means, for as long as it can, the overall structure of the casino will keep on getting better to adapt to all the new trends on the internet. It will also ensure your utmost safety and satisfaction by enabling the newest updates into its system. So, in case your curiosity for top-quality online crypto casinos have not been answered yet, go register yourself at CryptoGames today! And enjoy both efficiency and futuristic wagering experience under the same platform!

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