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Despite still being a nascent technology, the blockchain is developing with mind-blowing speed, and 2020 is expected to be a truly important year for the Bitcoin and crypto industry.

The main goal of the crypto space was and still is the mainstream adoption of digital assets and their underlying technology, the blockchain.

More countries are hopping into the crypto wagon, and they adopt the use of the digital assets and the blockchain tech as well.

Banks are also working hard to get in touch with this technology and ride the wave of innovation instead of denying its benefits.

The number of crypto traders all over the world is also exponentially rising these days.

Staying updated in this industry is something crucial, and the best way in which you can achieve this is to get all the accurate news at the right time because this is the only way that traders can make the best decisions about trading.

Crypto news aggregator platforms are traders’ and crypto enthusiasts’ best friends these days, and probably the most popular one that’s been out there for a long time is CryptoPanic.

The platform assists users by keeping them updated with the latest crypto news and happenings from all over the globe.

But, as we already said, the crypto space is evolving, as so do the innovative crypto tools.

The best CryptoPanic alternative that you have these days is Crypto Viral.

There are also a few reasons which make this platform one of the best ones that you can currently find out there, and we’ll detail the most important ones below.

Trust reliable sources

First of all, it’s important to mention the fact that CryptoViral only gathers and collects news from 100% accurate and reliable sources, so its users can enjoy the most trustworthy news.

While you’re on the platform, you will be able to read authentic crypto-related news from all over the world.

Free Twitter and Reddit updates

It’s also important to note the fact that most crypto updates are usually shared on social media channels before the news sources publish them.

While CryptoPanic offers users the chance to access direct updates from Twitter and Reddit, the downside is the fact that only Premium users get this opportunity.

What CryptoViral brings new is the fact that access to Twitter and Reddit updates comes free of any costs.

All the crypto news in one place

CryptoViral offers users news and the latest info from all over the world in a single place – just one tab.

This innovative news aggregator platform allows users to avoid the hassle of having to switch tabs to collect the data from different sources.

Pick your sources

CrytpoViral offers you the chance to pick your favorite news sources, and you’ll be able to switch them on/off by heading to the settings option on the platform.

The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to filter out the news feed according to what interests you more.

Adding your favorite coin

CryptoViral also packs an original feature that allows you to add your favorite altcoin to the crypto tab.

You’ll be able to read all the crypto-related news on the platform while also keeping an eye on your favorite digital asset on the very same tab.

Voting news as bullish/bearish

CryptoViral also gives you the chance to vote for the piece of news that you’re checking out as bullish or bearish.

This will help other readers by offering them a hint on what to expect. More than that, you will also be able to report inappropriate news on the platform, and once an article gets flagged five times, it’s out!

Get notifications

You can stay updated about the latest crypto news by simply turning on the notifications in order to get updates in real-time via email.

You can subscribe to the notifications for any of your favorite cryptos and receive an email whenever there’s news on the coin.

Enjoy Dark Mode or Light Mode

And last but not least, users on CryptoViral have the chance to read the news in their preferred display setting: Dark Mode or Light Mode.

Overall, CryptoViral is definitely your go-to spot if you’re a crypto enthusiast who is looking for trustworthy crypto news and real-time updates on various digital assets.

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