DeFi Could Be On Its Way To Cardano

Cardano is in the spotlight again, this time linked to DeFi – a movement that’s been gaining massive popularity.

IOHK’s Project catalyst named Liqwid as a potential candidate that would get up to $250k in ADA funding.

Cointelegraph just revealed that IOHK named a DeFi lending protocol as one of the Project Catalyst ideas.

Without a doubt, this sends a really powerful message that DeFi apps could be on their way to the project’s blockchain.

IOHK addresses Project Catalyst

A few days ago, we were revealing that IOHK dropped some important new details about project Catalyst.

This is their experiment in the Cardano community innovation, and the team behind the project dropped a new thread on Twitter filled with juicy details.

They also noted the following:

IOHK continued the thread and posted this:

Anyway, we suggest that you check out the complete thread in order to find out the complete details of their plans.

The online publication mentioned above notes that the first candidate to be announced is Liqwid, “a DeFi lending market that allows participants to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets directly on the Cardano blockchain.”

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