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Every year analysts and futurologists do their best to be ahead of the game and predictions for 2019 are no exception, writes ICO Advisor Benedict O’Leary, and Deskbell Chain – a travel application based on Blockchain technology is on trend for the year ahead.

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Travellers are intent on adding purpose to their travel – i.e. travellers want to gain experience from their trips – whether it’s a weekend in the country or a life-changing round the world voyage of self-discovery. Thanks to social media platforms these experiences are instantly shareable. So-called ‘influencers’ can make a living by endorsing products whilst travelling the world and promoting a dream lifestyle.

It goes without saying that tapping into technology will play a major part in all of this – whether  that’s artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and speech recognition, and blockchain technology such as DeskBell Chain. The winning innovations will be those that offer ease, including such things as keyless room-access using a phone, personalized travel itineraries and high-speed entry to tourist attractions or even a robotic concierge who speaks your language.

          1)        The Appren-Trip or voyage of discovery

According to research conducted by Booking.com more than half (56 percent) say travel has taught them invaluable life skills, and in 2019 people will be seeking to learn something new, perhaps through participation in volunteer and skills-based vacations. According to those surveyed, 68 percent said they would consider participating in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip (54 percent) and international work placements (52 percent). DeskBell Chain can really help to immerse users in a local community, so instead of just visiting a destination users, via the app, can gain access to inside-knowledge of local community members and gain valuable experience at the same time.

2)         Making the most of the micro-trip: short, personal & rewarding

City breaks, weekend getaways or micro-trips, despite the different names, all have one thing in common. Time is a valuable commodity in today’s hyper-rushed world. So, whether you want to have a few hours downtime in the countryside, or an intense 48 hours in a city, travellers are keen on ‘making the most of it.’ They want to complete ‘bucket-lists’ in Paris or have an ‘experience’ in the Cotswolds. This is where DeskBell Chain comes in. It is a platform for hotels, accommodations and tourist attractions to engage with users via its unique combination of geo-location and blockchain technology. So, whether you’re deep in the countryside or right in the heart of a big city, it will send the user recommendations of where to go, what to do, which restaurants to eat in and be rewarded for it at the same time. Short personal rewarding: more than half (53 percent) said they plan to take more weekend trips next year. Bite-sized travel is all about tailor-made travel itineraries squeezed into shorter times at unique spaces.

3)         Taking it easy

 Technology is there to make our lives, and our decision-making easier than ever. More than half surveyed (57 percent) said they were excited about real-time luggage tracking through a mobile app, 57 percent said they want to use a single app for all their planning, booking and travel needs, and 40 percent about the prospect of using self-driving transportation, while 31 percent said they liked the idea of a “virtual travel agent” who will answer travel questions. DeskBell Chain will engage with users to maximise the benefits of their stay in a hotel and destination. Its user-friendly format and ease of use in different destinations will ensure that it’s guaranteed to be ‘on-trend.’ Via blockchain technology and geolocation it can provide marketers with valuable insights to provide the right offers at the right times to users and ‘lead’ them in the right direction to using your service.

4)         It’s out there

We are all excited about the future – and blockchain technology is set to be a big part of that.

So, is space travel. Four in 10 travelers (40 percent) said they were excited about the prospect of space travel in the future and are open to considering the experience themselves (38 percent), or on Earth – six in 10 (60 percent) said they want to stay in accommodation under the sea. DeskBell Chain users can easily find locations that meet these needs, interact with them and earn rewards as ‘early-adopters.’

5)         Short & sweet

Travelers in 2019 are expecting short-form, hyper relevant and individualized content, which can be neatly integrated into their feeds with 34 percent saying they want someone to make travel recommendations for them, and 41 percent wanting travel brands to use technologies such as AI to make travel suggestions. Over half (52 percent) would like a digital tour guide.

The solutions integrated in DeskBell Chain will fulfil these roles. It uses geolocation to make suggestions to travellers once they arrive in their hotel. Relevant, up-to-date information is available for users at the press of a button, and they will be incentivized to earn rewards by completing simple tasks on the platform.

6)         Conscious travel

Conscious travel: 49 percent feel social issues affect the destination of choice and over half (58 percent) choose not to go to a destination if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there. Travel safety is of utmost importance, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. So, for example, DeskBell Chain can help LGBT users find places to stay, or vegans will find it easier to find restaurants. Whatever your interests or religious beliefs DeskBell Chain will has it covered.

7)         Ditch the plastic

Travellers – whether they are Millennials, Gen Z or even Generation X are looking for sustainable experiences in their destinations. The majority (86 percent) agreed that they would be willing to spend some time on activities that offset the environmental impact of their stay, with up to 37 percent willing to help clear plastic and litter from a beach or other tourist attractions. DeskBell Chain’s interaction with community users in destinations worldwide can help reach a wider audience.

8)         Moments to cherish

60 percent appear to value experience far more than material possessions, with travelers seeking different and authentic experiences in 2019, including where they eat and sleep to how they shop or watch their favorite sports game: 42 percent said they plan to visit a destination that makes them feel “like a child again”. Technological advancements inherent in DeskBell Chain can take the pain of the search away from users, and enables marketers and advertisers to make suggestions based on search history and location.

In summary, 2019 looks to be another exciting year with technological advances taking centre stage in the travelsphere. Users expect engagement, interaction and ease of use from their chosen apps – and DeskBell Chain is ready to meet their needs.

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