Elon Musk Sells His Remaining House But Still Keeps His Bitcoin

CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, centibillionaire Elon Musk,​ tweeted that he is now selling his last house. Last year in May, he said that he had sold all his homes except for this one, but he will not sell his Bitcoin.

On June 9th, Musk shared on Twitter again that he sold all of his houses, apart from the one property in Bay Area that he had rented out for events. However, today, he said that he has decided to sell that one, although it’s a special place for him. The property needs to go to a large family, he noted.

Elon Musk Reveals His First-Ever Bitcoin Holdings

Back in May 2015, when J.K. Rowling, the author of the best-selling book series Harry Potter became interested in Bitcoin and asked her community to help her understand it, Musk was one of the people who explained how the asset works to the writer. Back then, he revealed that he owned 0.25 BTC he had received from someone as a gift.

Later on, an anonymous user shared that Musk is selling his houses but keeping his crypto assets. However, ever since, the situation has changed. This year, Tesla decided to accept Bitcoin payments for e-cars but then reconsidered the decision because of controversial CO2 emission issues. Tesla has also exposed itself to Bitcoin, purchasing an extravagant $1.5 billion worth of it and then watching its profits increase tremendously. Later on, the organization sold 10 percent of its cryptocurrency holdings. Still, Musk is now firmly believed to own a considerable sum of Bitcoin while also holding Dogecoin.

Tesla Will Resume Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Musk is said to also own Bitcoin, besides buying on behalf of his company, Tesla. On Sunday, June 13th, the CEO tweeted that the American electric vehicle company would resume accepting Bitcoin if the renewable energy used by the global BTC mining community achieves at least 50 percent of energy assimilated by their rigs.

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