It has been just revealed the fact that an important Ethereum-based altcoin is gearing up for a huge price move. Check out the latest reports about this below.

ETH-based altcoin to explode in price

A popular crypto strategist has expressed optimism about the potential for a particular Ethereum-based digital asset to experience significant growth.

Altcoin Sherpa, an anonymous analyst with a following of over 196,000 on X, a social media platform, has praised the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) as a solid cryptocurrency project with strong fundamentals.

The trader believes that LINK could surpass other altcoins in the next bullish market cycle due to its consistent trading within a well-defined range for over 500 days.

Altcoin Sherpa has recommended LINK as a good investment to hold for at least six months, citing its core infrastructure role in numerous projects with few competitors.

At time of writing, LINK is worth $7.53, up over 8% in the last 24 hours.

According to Altcoin Sherpa, Rollbit Coin (RLB) may have a bright future in the upcoming market cycle. RLB is the native asset of a crypto gambling platform called Rollbit.

Despite being bullish on RLB in the long-term, Altcoin Sherpa predicts that the altcoin’s price will decrease in the next few weeks to around $0.07 or lower.

Altcoin Sherpa acknowledges that potential issues with regulation and other factors could affect RLB’s performance. Currently, RLB’s value is $0.106, which has decreased by over 3% in the last 24 hours.

When it comes to Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoin Sherpa warns that the crypto giant may slide close to $20,000 due to its struggle to maintain its bullish momentum.

Altcoin Sherpa views this as a potential shift in the market structure for many exchanges, where a lower low has been observed.

While Altcoin Sherpa sees the possibility of a potential low being formed, they are not overly enthusiastic and wouldn’t be surprised if BTC’s value eventually drops to the low $20,000s.

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