Ethereum Classic Chain Coins Pop Up On Dex Screener – How To Bridge ETC

Ethereum Classic Chain Coins Pop Up On Dex Screener – How To Bridge ETC

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been making a lot of headlines lately due to the massive success that the project is seeing. ETC total value locked doubled ahead of Ethereum Merge.

Ethereum Classic Chain in the spotlight

It’s of highlight importance to note that ETC saw more than a 100% increase in total value locked (TVL).

This massive achievement is due to the pouring of more liquidity into the project in anticipation of the Ethereum Merge.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been one of the best-performing coins in the last two months.

“The blockchain increased by 158% in TVL in July. On July 1, TVL was $93,213 and rose to $241,388 on July 31, according to Be[In]Crypto Researched based on data from DeFiLlama,” BeInCrypto online publication notes.

ETC chain tokens listed on Dex Screener

Ethereum Classic Chain tokens have been listed on Dex Screener. DEX Screener is a real-time blockchain analytics app used by more than 1.5 million crypto traders every month.

Here, you can find real-time price charts and trading history on DEXes across Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Cronos, Arbitrum, Optimism, and more.

Check out some of the coins on Ethereum Classic Chain that have been listed on the platform.

Below, you will see how to bridge the Ethereum Classic Chain.

How to bridge Ethereum Classic Chain

Check out the following relevant tweet, explaining how to bridge Ethereum Classic Chain:

Here are more relevant details regarding the manual adding of the chain to MetaMask:

“For manual adding of the chain to metamask:
• Network Name: Ethereum Classic
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 61
• Currency Symbol (optional): ETC
• Block Explorer URL (optional):”

As a throwback, originally known as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic was launched in 2015. It was conceived by Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum Foundation.

It’s also worth noting the fact that it came about due to the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) hack in 2016.

The Ethereum Merge is an exciting event that’s expected by the whole crypto space, and it’s said to boost the value of ETH to the moon.


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