Ethereum Holders Jumping Ship To Cardano? New Subject Trending

There are new threads online popping up highlighting that Etehreum holders and hopping into the Cardano wagon.

Check out what the Team Plutus Twitter account posted not too long ago:

Someone noted that “Only people excited about ETH 2.0 roadmap are mostly speculators, newbies not close to tech underneath and people/companies highly dependent on #Ethereum. Many will get disappointed when they realize things are no longer attainable, then Ethereum 3.X will be the next thing…”

A follower said: “I think ETH 2.0 might have a little trouble getting enough ETH in the smart contract to start ETH 2.0 beacon chain any time soon.”

A fan from the Cardano community tweeted this message:

Anyway, earlier today we’ve addressed a similar issue.

Cardano community revealed Ethereum 2.0 issues

The Cardano community just pointed out some issues that could surround the Ethereum 2.0.

Here’s the tweet that a member of the Cardano community shared.

Stay tuned for more news involving the subject.

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