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Ethereum Is Undervalued, Says Bitcoin Billionaire Cameron Winklevoss

Ethereum is in the spotlight these days, together with Bitcoin, due to the price surges.

It’s been just reported that the Gemini co-founder and Bitcoin billionaire Cameron Winklevoss said that Ethereum’s worth is not at all reflected in the market cap. He also said that the explosion of the DeFi sector is still in its beginning.

It’s also been revealed that in an interview with crypto YouTuber Layah Heilpern, Winkelvoss compared Ethereum to an operating system like iOS or Windows and that potential is what makes ETH so undervalued.

“It’s really hard to put a ceiling or a framework on creativity and what that means. So how do you value that? I can tell you that at $1,500 ETH – today it’s $1,600, but the all-time high was breached a day or two ago, and that was reached three years ago – and the amount of work that’s gone on, and the development in the maturity of the network in the past three years, you’re looking at Ethereum basically at its all-time high, it feels really undervalued where it currently is,”he said.

He continued and pointed out t the fact that Bitcoin is close to twice it’s all-time high of three years ago so we think there’s a lot of value there and love the endless possibilities and nature of it.”

Winklevoss brothers support DeFi

Regarding DeFi, the crypto titan also confirms that he and his twin brother Tyler are fully supporting the nascent space. According to them, DeFi is just getting started.

Just the other day, we were revealing that the DeFi market recorded a significant correction over the past 12 hours as Bitcoin (BTC) struggled to break the $41,000 mark.

However, according to analysts, the profits from major DeFi tokens are flowing back into the crypto coin, although the decentralized finance market is still in tow despite BTC’s recovery throughout the past week.

Check out the complete article posted by the Daily Hodl to learn more juicy news about the issue.

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