Ethereum Network Is Helping Us Get News From China On Coronavirus

These days, the news is really important, and accurate information becomes vital, literally.

As you probably know by now, censorship is very present in China. And with this going on there in regards to the coronavirus content online, there’s a journalist from the South China Morning Post, Sarah Zheng, who has made an important claim.

She revealed that she has managed to publish an interview made with a doctor about the disease via the Ethereum network.

Zheng used the Ethereum network

Words from Dr. Ai were posted by Zheng on Twitter earlier this week, and all this was possible thanks to the use of the Ethereum blockchain and its ability to store content on the network.

“The interview was encrypted with QR codes and several typos (done on purpose) due to the censorship from the Communist party in China,” the online publication Crypto Daily notes.

We recommend that you check out more information on the matter.

Are Bitcoin and crypto the answer to the crisis?

The world is in the middle of what will probably be remembered as the biggest crisis of our generation.

After the WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic, everything went downhill in the world, and healthcare systems in some countries such as Italy have basically collapsed.

More countries will follow, according to analysts, and everyone is trying their best to take urgent precaution measures.

The best thing that humanity can do these days in order to minimize the impact of the disaster is to remain indoor.

The financial sector has been massively affected by the news, but when it comes to the crypto industry, it is not sure how much it will be affected by this.

Also, due to the enormous outbreak, lots of people believe that crypto is the answer, and it could help prevent the spreading of the virus.

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