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Ethereum Rival Solana Could Be Gearing Up for Huge Move Upwards

There are interesting things taking place in the crypto space these days. Check out the latest reports about the digital assets below.

Ethereum rival could see a rise in price

Venture capitalist Chris Burniske says that Ethereum (ETH) rival Solana (SOL) could be setting itself up for a massive move to the upside.

Burniske, a former ARK Invest analyst and a current partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, said that a big rally may be in store for Solana if it can clearly break the 200-day simple moving average (SMA),

“SOL definitively reclaiming its 200-day SMA should be a glorious move.”

SOL’s 200-day moving average is currently hovering at about $23. At time of writing, SOL is trading for $22.42.

Burniske has previously predicted that Solana could be the next “Ethereum-level” opportunity should another bull market happen.

last month he said the following:

“I think if I had to pick an ecosystem that’s contentious and that you should pay attention to, and in its contentiousness is undervalued, it would be Solana.”

He continued and said that “Placeholder, each bear market, tends to pick an ecosystem or two and build an aircraft carrier strategy around that ecosystem. And so the last bear [market], it was ETH and Bitcoin, because those were really the only things at scale and liquid enough to justify.”

ETH price prediciton is revealed

Accoridng to the latest reports, it seems that the popular crypto analyst known for calling the 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) bottom is predicting a massive rally for Ethereum (ETH).

The pseudonymous analyst Smart Contracter said recently that Ethereum appears to be at the end of a correction and ready to surge.

“ETH/BTC just took out a six-month low, only 3% lower before my major buy zone.

Not the circumstances I was expecting this to happen under (I thought ETH and BTC would be falling but ETH more so) but there’s no chance I’m missing the monster ETH rally that’s coming.”

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