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Ethereum To Outperform Bitcoin, New Reports Say

It’s been revealed that Ethereum is about to outperform Bitcoin, according to the latest reports. Check out the crypto news about the prices of the most important coins below.

BTC and ETH price predicitons

A really popular crypto strategist and trader is expecting Ethereum (ETH) to outshine Bitcoin (BTC). More than that, he also made sure to note his forecast for XRP and two low-cap digital assets.

Pseudonymous analyst Altcoin Sherpa said recently that he sees the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair (ETH/BTC) rallying from current levels.

“This one should bounce around this area. Equilibrium of this range and near the 200-day exponential moving average. Great moves overall but I still don’t see this breaking out in current market conditions.”

XRP price predictions

Regarding XRP,  the analyst says he’s currently bearish on the digital asset, but that would change if Bitcoin flashes signs of strength.

“Testing the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA) but given there was such a large gap between the previous price and the EMA, I don’t expect this to break to the upside. I think we see a bit more consolidation before this goes lower. If BTC recovers, disregard that idea.”

Triggers to make the crypto market explode

According to the latest reports, there are two elements that will make the crypto market explode. Check out which they are.

FTX US president Brett Harrison has just stated the fact that there are two catalysts that could awaken crypto trading volume from its slumber.

In a new interview with Fortune, Harrison says that a rally in the digital asset markets as well as regulatory clarity from authorities could bring crypto trading volume back to life.

“There are two events that would probably bring significantly more volume. One is crypto prices going up again, sure…that’s also true for stocks. Number two, I think, is when there’s actually regulatory clarity over crypto exchanges.”

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