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EtherSport (ESC) ICO: A Sure Bet on the Blockchain

EtherSport (ESC)…

When a white paper starts like this: “We are not going to convince you that we are creating something extraordinary or genius, as most of the ICO campaigns state. Our project is based on the visual appeal and hazard, knowledge and fortune check in the sport events, as well as on the chance to get a material reward due to these elements. It’s background lies in the human’s natural wishes and passion, which have been proven by thousands of years of the human development.”  I can’t help but be intrigued.  When I told a friend of mine about it he said, “Finally a blockchain for betting on Sports!”

I know what you’re thinking…gambling is bad, betting on basketball is silly, people shouldn’t risk their hard earned money, etc… news flash, everything from investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies to real estate is inherently risky. You probably don’t realize this but betting on sporting events is a multi-billion dollar industry. America alone racked up $150 billion in 2015. The Super Bowl last year took in $40 billion. So, clearly there is a market for this and people really enjoy it. If only there was a safe and secure way to enjoy the excitement of sports betting..  

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Enter EtherSport (ESC).  The innovative and fully decentralized sports betting platform based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts. People all over the world can place bets on sports events. The lottery mechanism is done through Ethereum contracts which guarantees fair and transparent results, avoiding any risks and corruption. EtherSport has a number of advantages such as security, simple user registration process, anonymity, the open and clear process of all currency transactions, prompt prize payout without any hidden fees. It is super easy to register and has no limitations on bet and reward amounts. Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are fast and easy. There aren’t hidden fees or price manipulations to worry about. You can play 24/7 on all the most popular sporting events: NFL, FIFA, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, Olympics, horse racing, the list goes on and on. This is a completely new betting experience and it is global.

I see big potential here.  So many sports betters with no legal platform to put their money are looking for an option.  EtherSport provides a bridge that delivers lots of untapped money into this space.  It kind of reminds me of what Ripple is doing. There are so many issues when betting on sports from finding a secure place online to trust with your money, knowing the laws of your state, feeling anxiety over payouts and of course all the fees!  EtherSport solves all of these problems and so much more.  The ability of blockchain technology applied to this arena is limitless.  All the anxiety is gone.

The TEAM at EtherSport is an elite group with decades of experience in this marketplace.

They describe their product this way:

“Combining a lottery and sports betting, EtherSport brings new rules into the world of the sports experts, making the process fair and simple for the players, profitable for partners and as democratic for all the participants, as possible. The determination of the exact results for the sports events based on the participants’ knowledge and ability to analyze the situation make the foundation of our system. According to the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), the overall capitalization of these particular gambling types counts $86 billion, along with the general market evaluation of $430 billion. Thanks to the blockchain technology, EtherSport has the following advantages compared to the existing centralized analogues: safety, simple registration, anonymity, transparency of all money operations, prompt payouts, and the absence of hidden withdrawal fees. All this is possible due to the decentralized system of cryptocurrencies and logic of smart contracts.”

What are ESC tokens and what are they used for?

ESC, or Ethersportcoin, are tokens used for funding our project, EtherSport. After the launch, they will work as a payment medium, and will give ESC holders a possibility to play on EtherSport platform. Also, holders of ESC tokens will receive bonuses from operation of EtherSport.

The ICO started on November, 21st at 12:00 UTC, and after a few stages, will end December, 25th at 13:00 UTC, or when all tokens are sold.  ICO is still open and tokens can be purchased here

I see a strong future for this token and would expect them to be the big player in Sports betting.


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