Bitcoin has been making waves recently, and the subject has been all over the news since the king coin was able to hit above $30k. Incredibly big names are entering the crypto space, which could not be better for BTC. Check out the following reports below.

Bitcoin accumulation time

According to Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, investors should make a move and invest in digital assets without any further delay. In a recent Real Vision Finance video, the former Goldman Sachs executive stated that the current macroeconomic situation is ideal for purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

Pal anticipates that the upcoming “Exponential Age” will lead to a surge in artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technology stocks, as well as crypto assets.

He also said the fact that the Federal Reserve will have to start injecting more liquidity into the markets to revive the economy after quickly raising interest rates since last year to draw down inflation. An influx of liquidity historically has driven crypto prices higher.

Asked when will be the best time to enter the crypto market, Pal says: “Right now is my answer.”

34:55: “We are standing at the precipice where the machines are going to take more power in the world. More central bank printing is coming, because the only answer to raising rates now is to deal with the economic downside, which is to print more money, more cowbell as I call it.”

Pal continued and stated the following:

The asset that does the best in that environment is cryptocurrency and technology. So we’re in this perfect storm. And gold tends to do well. Where there’s barbell strategy… of gold and hard assets that you can’t recreate versus technology plus crypto, I think nails the best strategy.”

Stay tuned for more news and make sure to check out the markets as well.

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