Fighting COVID-19: Bitcoin And Crypto Supporters Fund Coronavirus Vaccine Work

The coronavirus pandemic continues to trigger massive fear, doubt, and uncertainty all over the globe as more countries are in lockdown.

No one knows how this will end, and people are getting really frustrated and panicked these days with such massive changes taking place in their lives.

At the moment of writing this article, the total number of infected people is above 156,000.

CoroHope group uses funds from BTC donations to create a vaccine

There’s an unknown group that is known as CoroHope says that they are using funds from anonymous, crowdsourced Bitcoin donations in order to create a vaccine for the Covid-19 disease.

A lot of crypto members such as Blockstream co-founder Mark Friedenbach are supporting the effort and they are saying that this is not a scam.

More than that, according to the online publication, the Daily Hodl, a spokesperson for CoroHope, said that BTC and crypto are perfect for the effort, and the team hopes to see more BTC enthusiasts becoming a part in this move.

Worries about a potential vaccine

The spokesperson talked to Coindesk and said that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking too long to approve vaccines and it has to deal with too many regulatory issues.

“FDA-compliant manufacturing is absurdly over-regulated: paperwork for the paperwork, quadruple-checking, endless committees… just the worst of bureaucracy. So we can be more nimble.”

It’s also worth noting the fact that Nancy E. Kass, a professor of bioethics and public health at John Hopkins University, said, on one hand, this is good for science, but on the other hand, she is worried about the whole process.

“But it would be harmful, problematic, confusing and misleading to start saying that they have an effective vaccine if that vaccine has not undergone proper safety testing and efficacy testing.”

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