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Former Google Boss Eric Schmidt Says LINK Has Superior Tech – Here Are The Reasons

It’s been revealed that the former Google boss is addressing the great tech that is featured by LINK. Check out the latest reports below.

According to the latest reports, former Google boss Eric Schmidt says that Chainlink (LINK) has superior technology and it can take on its competitors at any time.

Capturing the niched before everyone else

In a new discussion with Chainlink creator Sergey Nazarov at SmartCon 2022, the technology pioneer says that the tech giants of the early 2000s were able to capture their niche before everyone else. This is what it basically means to effectively get ahead of their rivals.

“At the end of the day, the companies that won in Web2 were better technology. They put more capital to work, and they moved faster, and they scaled faster. And these are network businesses, so once you get a little bit ahead it’s very hard to catch up to the person ahead of you.”

He continued and explained the following:

“In [Chainlink’s] case because you were early and very smart obviously, you got in there first, so you see it from the standpoint of the the person who’s ahead. So I think that in Web3 you’re going to see the same dynamic of new things entering.”

Schmidt also stated the fact that the same attributes that made the tech giants of the last couple of decades successful also apply to Chainlink.

“The winners – and I think this is absolutely true of Chainlink – they have better technology and it scales better. I’m now speaking as a computer scientist. You’ve got to get the architecture right so you can go from 10 users to 10 million users, and most of the systems… and this is not a comment about Chainlink, it’s about others, seem to fall over reasonably quickly.”

You should check out the original article posted by the Daily Hodl in order to learn more details about this.

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