Fortune: Bitcoin Mining Is One Of The Most Profitable Businesses On The Planet

Bitcoin has been gaining massive popularity in 2021 and also in 2020 when the world crisis broke.

Since then, more and more people started seeing the king coin as a store of wealth, or liquid gold.

Bitcoin managed to penetrate the mainstream media and keeps making headlines all over the place.

Fortune magazine just posted a piece about Bitcoin mining, titled “Bitcoin mining is suddenly one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.”

Their article begins by saying “Would you believe that Bitcoin mining generates just as much revenue as the age-old pursuit of unearthing gold and silver ore? Right now, minting this most unorthodox asset may also rank as the most profitable major industry on the planet.”

Fortune mentioned that the entrepreneurs running their towering racks of rigs 24/7 were garnering stupendous margins when prices surged to over $60,000 in mid-April.

“Now they’re pocketing even fatter returns at prices that are one-third lower. And we’re talking numbers that for now surpass such famously lucrative enclaves as Big Pharma, luxury goods, and software,” the publication continues.

They continue to address the exploding industry in their recent article.

Crypto market explodes

The crypto market exploded, and prices are racing as we speak.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $43,724, and ETH is trading in the green as well, and the coin is priced at $3,040.

Needless to say, crypto Twitter is filled with massive excitement today.

It’s been just revealed that Bitcoin whales have been moving massive amounts of BTC as the king coin prints a new 30-day ATH.

More than that, the online publication the Daily Hodl revealed that crypto analytics firm Santiment says that whales continue to increase their BTC holdings.

Stay tuned for more news and keep your eyes on the market.

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