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FTX Team And Paradigm To Launch Crypto Futures Spread Trading

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There are a lot of important moves taking place in the crypto space these days. Some new events involve the FTX Team and paradigm, which seem to be working together these days.

FTX Team and Paradigm team up

According to the latest reports, the platform Paradigm has partnered with crypto exchange FTX.

It seems that they are planning to launch spread trading, allowing users to take advantage of pricing dislocations with “cash-and-carry” plays.

Blockworks online publication notes the fact that spread trades involve buying one security and selling another related security — such as a futures contract — in order to produce an overall net trade with a positive value called the spread.

The online publication mentioned above notes that a so-called cash-and-carry trade exploits variances in market prices and could entail taking a long position in an asset while simultaneously selling the associated derivative.

It’s also important to mention the fact that Paradigm users will be able to trade the spread between spot, perpetual, and futures instruments through FTX on BTC, ETH, SOL, and more coins, according to the latest reports.

One other thing worth noting is that FTX is the third exchange to partner with Paradigm (not to be confused with the crypto investment firm of the same name) on futures spreads.

Paradigm is integrated with Bybit and Deribit. It started offering futures spreads cleared through those exchanges in February.

“Having more exchanges means Paradigm users have alternative venues to clear and custody assets, as well as take advantage of pricing dislocations,” Paradigm co-founder Micki Koonin told Blockworks in an email.

Koonin continued and stated the following:

“This is especially attractive when it is one of the largest global exchanges, like FTX.”

He also explained that FTX is the first exchange via which Paradigm can offer spot trade as part of the spread, perpetual, and future combinations.

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