Generic Exchange To Launch Merchant Cash Advance Blockchain Investment Platform

The Generic exchange platform has recently announced the Merchant Cash Advance blockchain-based investment system, which would lessen the link between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the firms that are willing funds. The so-called Generic exchange would grant access to the banking-based investments towards regular users.

Merchant Cash Advance base on peer-to-peer lending, in an investment plan similar to those classic ones, in which we invest money and wait for them to double, triple, and so on. The only difference is that the Merchant Cash Advance relies on cryptocurrency that has been representing a risky form of investment.

On the other hand, the crypto investment provides investors with a reliable investment based on low prices and shallow market knowledge. On this part, Generic exchange is making it more safe and reliable, in terms of investment. Traders would benefit from a cheaper investment and the knowledge of the experienced cryptocurrency investors.

Merchant Cash Advance Blockchain Investment Platform To Launch Under The Tutor Of Generic Exchange

“Our mission is to offer users the opportunity to develop a private investment system, personalizing income through a technological platform that creates a direct bridge between you and companies looking for funds. I spent years working in MCA, with my company WG Prime. After learning all the ins and outs of investing I am prepared to share some of my knowledge and help others to become successful investors,” explained Mickael Azoulay, the founder and the CEO of Generic.

The best part of the Generic exchange is that the customer is only investing how much it wants to deal, and an investor is only getting back as much as he/she wins. That means that trading on Generic’s Merchant Cash Advance blockchain investment platform would bring you a daily income.

More specifically, Generic permits its customers to give birth to an investment system that is matching their needs and customizing their profit in correlation with their gains as traders, no matter what it happens. “Generic works to further limit risk investment by allowing investors to access critical information before investing, including the borrower profile, risk level, rates of return and terms and conditions,” the official press release reads.

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