Goldman Sachs CEO Boosts Bitcoin And Crypto During Earnings Call

It’s been just revealed that Goldman Sachs CEO is boosting Bitcoin and crypto, and this happened during an earnings call. Check out more details below.

The BlockCrypto notes that Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon addressed the importance of BTC and crypto during the bank’s earnings call Wednesday morning, indicating how central the market has become for Wall Street’s top banks.

“I also want to touch on the topics of cryptocurrency blockchain and the digitization of money,” he began.

He continued and explained the following:

“Central banks are looking at digital currencies, working to apply this technology to the local markets and determine the longer-term impact on global payment systems. Also significant focus on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where the trajectory is less clear as market participants evaluate their possibility as a store of value.”

The same online publication mentioned above reveals that Goldman Sachs recently made headlines for suggesting it would offer clients of its private wealth division access to BTC-related products.

“We continue to look for ways to expand our capabilities to support our clients’ needs,” Solomon said, according to a transcript obtained by The Block.

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to learn more details about the issue.

Bitcoin adoption exploded

Bitcoin and crypto adoption has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry has set. There have been a lot of moves made in this direction, and they continue.

Now, it’s been just reported that the insurance giant AXA Switzerland now allows customers to pay premiums in BTC.

AXA Switzerland said the BTC payment option is available for all its non-life products. Life insurance products do not support the option for “regulatory reasons.”

“This is AXA’s response to growing demand from its customers for alternative payment solutions, with new technologies playing an ever-greater role,” said Claudia Bienentreu, head of open innovation at AXA Switzerland.

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