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Google Issues Important Crypto Warning

It’s been just reported that tech industry titan Google warns users that there are some bad actors who are using cloud computing servers to mine crypto.

Google reveals important crypto warning

According to the latest news, there is a new report by Google’s Cybersecurity Action Team that unveils the fact that badly-constructed cloud instances are being targeted by scammers.

These bad actors are looking to use cloud resources to mine crypto, run phishing scams and use ransomware.

“While cloud customers continue to face a variety of threats across applications and infrastructure, many successful attacks are due to poor hygiene and a lack of basic control implementation. Most recently, our team has responded to cryptocurrency mining abuse, phishing campaigns, and ransomware.”

The notes continue and explain the following:

“Attackers also continue to exploit poorly configured Cloud instances with the goal of obtaining profit through cryptocurrency mining and traffic pumping.”

The same notes say that the universe of ransomware also continues to expand with the discovery of some new ransomware that appears to be offshoots of existing malware with mixed capabilities.

According to the latest reports coming from Google, of the 50 latest breaches of its Google Cloud Platform (GCP), 86% of them were used to perform crypto mining.

We suggest that you check out all available data in the original notes found in the report. 

Google teamed up with Bakkt

Last month, we were revealing that Google made an important partnership.

Bakkt has been making many headlines for a long time, and now it’s in the spotlight again.

The marketplace teamed up with a tech giant in hopes of making cryptos more accessible to its users.

According to the latest reports, Bakkt announced a partnership with Google. It’s also been revealed that this will allow the platform’s customers to add Bakkt Visa debit cards into Google Pay.

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