The billionaire Mike Novogratz said that this is the most bullish underpinning of Bitcoin besides its store-of-value use case. Check out more details here.

Bullish moves for Bitcoin

Galaxy Digital’s CEO, Mike Novogratz, believes that Bitcoin (BTC) has a lot more to offer than just being a store-of-value asset.

In a recent interview on the On the Tape podcast, Novogratz emphasized that people are failing to recognize that Bitcoin has sparked a worldwide financial revolution, which is gaining increasing momentum.

“So what I think people miss – and I talked about this a lot in 2017 when we had our first mania – is that crypto was really the first ever global speculative mania. We never had a global market.

We had a couple stocks that were trading globally, but if you go back and look at the 1999 internet bubble, you didn’t have anyone in Korea participating, anyone in India participating, anyone in Russia participating or anyone in Africa participating.

Crypto is global, and just like I’m telling the Bitcoin story on CNBC and Bloomberg and on podcasts here in New York, there’s someone in a village in Indonesia telling that story and the viral nature of eight billion people getting more converts every day is really hard to stop.”

He continued and said the following:

“The other piece of this is Bitcoin exists within a movement – you can call it crypto or decentralization – and that movement touches people in a way because it feels like it’s a revolution, it’s a revolution of saying ‘I want to cut out the middleman, I want to trust myself, I want to have peer-to-peer transaction, [and] I want to have more efficiency, equal access.’”

Bitcoin is trading for $45,532 at time of writing, and the price is slated to go much higher soon. Stay tuned and make sure to keep your eyes on the market.

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