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Here’s How To Position In This Bear Market

An important fund manager explains how we should position in this bear market. He also says that this will not last too long.

The bear market is not here to stay

It’s been just revealed that an important hedge fund manager David Neuhauser says that markets look “artificially high” right now.

He also said that they are staging a bear market rally that will not last, according to CNBC. 

Nasdaq Bear Market

According to other recent notes, it’s been revealed that the Nasdaq Composite fell into a bear market in March, and the tech-heavy index has yet to hit a new high.

But this has not stopped wealthy investors from piling into growth stocks.

Back in May, Fred Ernest Ehrsam III, managing partner of crypto investment firm Paradigm, invested $75 million in Coinbase Global (COIN 0.35%).

This was an extremely bullish nod for the company because Ehrsam is a member of Coinbase’s board of directors. online publication notes that around the same time, hedge fund manager Brad Gerstner of Altimeter Capital Management invested $2 million in Confluent (CFLT -1.76%), and then he doubled down with another $618,000 in June.

It’s also been reported that altimeter Capital Management now owns more than 10% of the company.

Check out more details about the two important investments in the original article.

Important moves in the crypto space

According to the latest reports, the platform Paradigm has partnered with crypto exchange FTX.

It seems that they are planning to launch spread trading, allowing users to take advantage of pricing dislocations with “cash-and-carry” plays.

Blockworks online publication notes the fact that spread trades involve buying one security and selling another related security — such as a futures contract — in order to produce an overall net trade with a positive value called the spread.

Check out more details about this in our previous article. 

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