Hodlonaut Addresses The Latest News About Craig Wright Lawsuit

You’re probably aware of the popular Bitcoin maximalist Hodlonaut’s problems with Craig Wright, the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto.

He’s been harassing the space cat for a really long time now, and the latest news regarding their lawsuit made Hodlonaut respond.

Coingeek revealed the other day that “Dr. Craig Wright won a landmark ruling against Twitter user Hodlonaut in his ongoing defamation lawsuit, meaning the action can proceed in England.”

The same online publication noted that “The ruling concerns an appeal by Dr. Wright to overturn an earlier decision in which a High Court judge declined jurisdiction to hear his defamation case against Norway-based Twitter.”

Just to refresh your memory, he tweeted several accusations that Wright fraudulently claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, eventually leading Wright to launch defamation proceedings in England a while ago.

Hodlonaut responds

Anyway, Hodlonaut hopped on Twitter and addressed what’s been actually going on with the case.

He also said: “I have had to accept very serious and real personal consequences as a result of not being willing to bend the knee to their demands. Very dirty methods have been used.”

Hodlonaut continued and said: “That they are now parading it as a huge win that they got the court’s permission to continue harassing me from the UK underlines their dishonesty and total moral bankruptcy. I’ll keep fighting this. Thanks for supporting me.”

Hodlonaut has an army of fans and followers who are ready to support him anytime and at all costs.

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