Hodlonaut Details More Issues About The Terrible Craig Wright Case – Check Them Out

Just the other day, we were reporting that Craig Wright, the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, comes into the spotlight again.

He’s been harassing the space cat known as Hodlonaut for a really long time now, and the latest news regarding their lawsuit made Hodlonaut respond.

Coingeek revealed the other day that “Dr. Craig Wright won a landmark ruling against Twitter user Hodlonaut in his ongoing defamation lawsuit, meaning the action can proceed in England.”

Hodlonaut drops a lot of new details about the case

The other day, Hodlonatut decided to respond. Now, he dropped even more interesting details about the timeline and his history with CSW.

He continued and posted the following tweet:

He also brought up the campaign in which lots of people showed support:

Anyway, we strongly suggest that you check out the complete thread because it’s flooded with all kinds of interesting details about the case.

Someone commented: “The UK legal system is a devilish creation, full of deceit and entrapment. Comes a close second to the financial system. I’ve never trusted or respected either and never will.”

Another follower said: “I have never even bothered to dig into that fraudsters claims. That nauseating Aussie just comes off not only as disingenuous but simply not believable. He can easily prove his claim by moving a few sats but he can’t because he’s an imposter.”

Stay tuned for more details about Hodlonaut vs. CSW.

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