Are you aware of the potential of artificial intelligence? You may have watched the movie Terminator where machines are destroying the world. It is a movie based on artificial intelligence. However, many people are scared that whether this is the future of artificial intelligence.

Anyway, don’t worry about that, it was just a movie. There are several other applications of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Most people are not aware of those applications. Today, it is playing a very important role in the business world as well as in our daily lives. One of the applications of AI you may have encountered on Facebook that it recognizes your image. Read this article to know the major applications of AI in the business world.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There are several benefits of artificial intelligence. It has a great impact on different industries such as marketing, banking, finance, healthcare, customer service, gaming industry, etc. Now here are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence in different sectors.

Marketing Industry Has Become More Personalized

As you know marking is the fuel to any business. If the marketing strategy of a business fails then the business will definitely face a lot of problems and even get shut down. Earlier, every business was using face to face marketing or running ads on TVs. But today with the help of AI, marketing is based on consumer behavior which is very efficient and cost-effective.

Chatbots Are One of the Great Innovations of AI

Today, every business has an online presence. So it is essential for businesses to provide customer service and reply to the customers’ queries. But businesses need to hire an employee for that. However, with the innovation of chatbots, businesses can provide 24/7 customer support without any interruption. The chatbots are getting smarter day by day.

Automatic Trading in Financial Markets

Are you a trader or an investor? Then you must have heard about trading bots. Trading bots can help you to trade automatically by writing trading algorithms. Generally, it is useful for short term traders and scalpers who take several trades in a single day. Trading bots are very useful for the crypto market as the market is highly volatile in nature. If you want to trade in digital currencies using trading bots then you can get started and start your demo trading today.

The Healthcare Industry is Coming Up with Great Innovations

The technological innovations are bringing a lot of benefits to the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence has a significant contribution to the healthcare industry. Many techniques were developed which can detect diseases advance. Some of the critical diseases like a cardiac attack, heart diseases, brain dysfunction can be easily detected with artificial intelligence. More importantly, artificial intelligence can detect diseases from an early stage and find the causes of these diseases.

The Gaming Industry is Changing due to AI

The gaming industry is taking a new dimension due to AI. Do you play video games, then you may have come across the famous game FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon)? This is an AI-based survival video game. One more popular game which is one of the great accomplishments of artificial intelligence in the gaming world is the Alpha Go. The gaming industry will bring a lot of exciting AI-based games in the future.


Now, I hope you have understood how artificial intelligence is playing an important role in every aspect of our lives. As you have noticed that this has a wide application across various industries, this technology has a huge demand. It is expected that this technology will change the way of our living completely in the future. If you are searching for making a career in 2020, then artificial intelligence is the best one. Hopefully, the above information has helped you to get some insight about AI. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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