Cryptocurrency is beginning to become a staple in mainstay dating websites all over the world. The unique form of payment comes with many different benefits that people find to be both interesting and beneficial. However, there are some aspects of crypto in the dating world that everyone should know about, and we’re examining the most common ways to show you what to expect.

People are Earning Money Playing Matchmaker

One interesting way that crypto is being used in the modern realm of online dating is as incentive for matchmakers. There are plenty of dating websites out there, but the fact is that even with them it can be tough to find a good match. That is why people are using very, very small denominations of crypto as a way of encouraging people to scour the sites and find them matches. For a payment as low as 1/1000 of a Bitcoin, people can be expected to find 10 matches or so for a person based on very specific criteria. This is a boon for the worker and for the person looking for a date, since not every website is able to provide an adequate search function. The low denominations of pay can ultimately be seen as worthwhile, too, because of the changing prices of a Bitcoin, so it works out for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing is Bringing in New Members

Another way that crypto is being introduced into and used for dating websites is in affiliate marketing. There are many dating websites that utilize affiliate marketing, allowing their websites to be used by affiliates to post links and then offer pay in return. Since more websites are paying in crypto and more people online are beginning to accept it as pay, some affiliate networks are allowing the entire process to be carried out entirely in crypto. Online dating websites benefit from the fact that so many people are signing up for their websites, and host websites get to enjoy the benefits of collecting crypto.

Transparency in the Naughty Dating Realm

Transparency in online dating profiles has been something of a problem since the first online dating sites appeared in the past. In an odd twist of date, crypto currency is one of the first and most effective ways to provide a form of transparency for people using a naughty website. A lot of people used to perform something called “catfishing” where they would pretend to be someone else online to something from the people on the dating site. With crypto infused into online dating, that is much more difficult to do since all of your accounts are tracked back to your particular wallet. If you use crypto on a dating site, you can expect the interactions to be a lot more genuine.

Online Payments for Dating Websites

Another way that online dating websites are seeing an influx of crypto on their websites is through online payments. A lot of online dating sites are allowing crypto to be used as a form of payment for the site, with some sites even using their own form of crypto. Basically, this is a sign of how widely accepted crypto has become in recent years, with so many people able to utilize it for something as mundane as finding dates!

As you can see, cryptocurrency is beginning to appear in all kinds of different dating websites in a variety of different manners. People are using crypto as an effective means of identification, as payment, and even for affiliate marketing for dating sites. The versatility of crypto and dating can’t be understated, and its influence is expected to continually grow in the years to come.

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