How To Withdraw Cardano’s ADA From An Exchange To Daedalus Or Yoroi Wallet?

Cardano continues to make headlines on social media. This time, the team behind the project reveals how to withdraw ADA from exchanges to Yoroi wallet or Daedalus.

Check out the post that the team shared on their social media account.

Someone commented: “Don’t keep your Ada on an exchange put in the wallet Daedalus provides and delegate it for staking/ no brainier #Ada,” and another follower said: “Could u shed more light on staking in yoroi wallet? I saw different activities i could stake to. I was confused and I didn’t stake anymore. I think there should be clarity with regard to that.”

A follower said: “Definitely do not use @AtomicWallet. they offer 0 support after your wallet gets hacked and all funds get stolen, and there’s a lot of articles about many people getting robbed on their wallet. Use Yoroi or Daedalus!”

Cardano addresses the importance of blockchain

The Cardano Foundation just addressed the importance of blockchain. Check out the message that they shared on their social media account.

Someone said: “They are both platform tokens, smart contracts, and as such they are mostly similar of course, but they do have important differences both technical and in community and mindset. You really should read the whitepapers, and follow several media to form a complete opinion.”

Another follower posted this: “We need blockchain to solve one of the biggest problem of humans: TRUST.”

More people in the community were excited to see the importance of the blockchain tech that is pointed out by the Cardano Foundation.

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