It has been just revealed that Bitcoin will see a massive bull cycle. Check out the latest financial reports below.

Bitcoin new prediction is out

Crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe has predicted a huge surge in Bitcoin’s value during the current bull market cycle.

In a recent strategy session with his YouTube subscribers, Van de Poppe suggested that, based on previous bull market cycles and the laws of diminishing returns, Bitcoin could potentially skyrocket by 961% to reach as high as $400,000.

“I still believe that this bull cycle is going to be bigger than the previous bull cycle in the sense that we had diminishing returns. So Bitcoin did a 14x or 17x or anything in between because it came from $3,000, and went to $69,000. It even did more.

And then I think that diminishing returns doesn’t mean that if in this cycle from 2015 to 2017, we did an 80x and in the second cycle here, we do a 20x, that we need to do a 5x after that. Because this [2019-2021] cycle was pushed downwards by Sam Bankman-Fried with FTX pushing down the price of Bitcoin during this period, and there were articles proving that point.”

The term “diminishing returns” can also refer to a situation where, starting from early 2023 at $16,318, there is an 18x or 20x increase in value.

This means that if we consider the numbers from 2019-2021 and assume that the bear market has ended, we could see a 21x increase. Similarly, from the 2023 market cycle low, we may expect a 20x increase in value.

The notes continued and stated the following:

“It is very reasonable to state that Bitcoin might be going to $300,000 to $400,000 in this bull cycle, as I think that there are many new participants joining the markets, going to push the prices through which it is very likely that we’re going to have a 2016-2017 type of cycle, and in this period altcoins will still do well.”

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