HUP.MARKET, the First Copyright-Enabled Platform for Digital Artists and Collectors to Launch Soon

The stateless situation of digital art is a significant issue. Typically, when posted online, it’s impossible to find the origin country of such a file; because art doesn’t have an origin country, these digitalized files do not receive the same legal protection as if they were physical when it comes to global licensing and copyrights.

To tackle this, HUP.LIFE came up and revealed the development of a marketplace for socially conscious artists who create digital art, providing them with the first-ever platform to trade their copyright-enabled digital art. Supported by well-known personalities and endorsed by Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, HUP.LIFE​ plans to launch the ​HUP.MARKET platform, an NFT stage that enables collectors and visual artists to monetize their NFTs via internationally executable copyright.

“HUP.MARKET fundamentally transforms the value of NFTs. Being the world’s first platform enabling socially-conscious visual artists to mint and sell Copyright-Enabled NFTs through a framework that seeks to respect international copyright and securities law, allowing artists and NFT holders the ability to enforce their rights in the vast majority of countries,” Steve Wozniak stated.

A Revolutionary Platform

HUP.MARKET is the first NFT marketplace globally-available for socially aware artists and collectors to endorse, protect, and monetize their digital art NFTs through a system that respects international copyright and security regulations. The process includes licensing the works to third parties, such as live broadcasters and art galleries.

Created on blockchain technology, the copyright-enabled platform provides worldwide legal digital art protection similar to how traditional, physical works of art receive by appointing them a legal country of origin. HUP.MARKET​ allows artists to trade their art, copyrights, and licenses separately, offering them the opportunity to monetize their creations over the lifetime of the work, not only once, when sold first.

The $HUP token launch today, June 15th, on PancakeSwap is deemed the first step for the planned release of the new economic system at the HUP.MARKET​ and for the technology operating the ceNFTs to launch.

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