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LBRY (LBC) bills itself as an open, secure digital run market-place. It’s like YouTube, without the overt shackles of oppression.

Syncing YouTube to LBRY is easy, but the queue is backed up due to an influx of creators. Completing the transfer of files can take up to a week (though it will likely go faster).

Down over 12% in the past 24 hours, LBRY (LBC) is following the general market. I expect viewership to increase during this period of social isolation (Covid-19).


What is LBRY (LBC)?
According to the LBRY website, LBRY is a secure, open digital run market-place where you can enjoy content from your favorite creators as a user, not a product.

A digital content protocol, LBRY contains over one million pieces of content ranging from Hollywood productions to user-generated videos. With the awesomely usable mobile app available on Google Play, the LBRY team really put’s you in full control of your content.

The LBRY Credits token (LBC) is used to publish, purchase and support content on the platform. LBRY Credits (LBC) can be found on several exchanges including Bittrex, CoinEx, and Upbit.

Syncing My YouTube Channel to LBRY
For those of you new here, this crypto-reporter runs his own YouTube show! Yes, Micah C. Miracle’s Crypto-News Top Picks airs each week, cataloging the articles I’ve written for the Crypto Gazette and assessing the current state of the altcoin market. As always, I offer the best crypto-pick(s) from my most current research.


And guess what. I’m syncing my channel to LBRY!

The current state of censorship surrounding social media has many content creators scrambling for alternative platforms. And while I have not experienced any major problems with the YouTube service, I do have a number of concerns when it comes to my personal online privacy.

And while other video media platforms like D-Tube exist in the space, the true ownership of content experienced by LBRY creators (including the ability to delete videos no longer desired by the creator) has created something of an edge over the competition.

Speaking of D-Tube and the STEEM platform, LBRY now offers free LBC for STEEM users joining the platform!


Syncing your existing YouTube Channel to LBRY is a simple three step process.

1. The first step is to enroll.  This is where you provide authorization for LBRY to begin syncing.

2. Behind the scenes, LBRY will sync the videos from YouTube (up to one thousand) and create your channel and wallet. Be aware, The sync can take up to a week.

3. Finally, claim ownership of your LBRY channel and wallet.

LBRY Credits (LBC)
CoinMarketCap lists LBRY Credits (LBC) as number 526 by total market cap. The market cap of LBRY Credits (LBC) is just shy of US $2.5 Million. There are 341,313,725 LBC in circulation from a total supply of 659,111,310.

Down over 12% on the day, the coin is trading at US $.007. LBRY Credits (LBC) has experienced a similar fate to the general market as a whole over the past week. However, with the influx of creators on-boarding with the video platform, the long-game looks good at this entry point.

LBRY Credits (LBC) has created a fast and fun platform for creators looking for a blockchain based, censorship free alternative to YouTube. With a stunning array of content streaming in from an already active user-base combined with the influx of new creators coming onboard, LBRY has a very exciting future ahead of itself. And I’m excited to be a part of it… Assuming I get through the queue!

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