It’s been reported just the other day that ICON released the roadmap update for June.

The ICON  team made the announcement on their social media account and you can also check it out below.

P-Rep Private Key Dualizing function

The team addressed various updates and an important highlight was on P-Rep Private Key Dualizing function.

According to the official Medium notes, this allows P-Reps to register an additional key – this is used to produce and validate a block to the ICON Network.

“Currently, when an ICONist tries to register as a P-Rep, the ICONist’s key will automatically be registered as a key for the node, and the keystore has to be put into the docker,” according to the notes posted on Medium.

The ICON team also revealed that “With this update, ICONist can register a separate additional key for P-Rep nodes when they try to register as a P-Rep.”

We recommend that you check out their original blog post in order to learn all the details that are available.

ICON was active during the bear market

It’s also important to highlight the fact that the ICON team revealed a few days ago that ICON has not been sleeping during the bear market, and made sure to remind fans some of the latest achievement that the project has been marking lately.

The team received great feedback following the announcement.

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