It’s been just revealed that ICONLOOP, ICON’ technical partner has been chosen to receive funding from the $100 Million USD Fintech Innovation Fund.

Here’s the tweet that the team shared and made enthusiasts excited.

Also, ICONLOOP had a few words to say about this important piece of news:

The team also said that the from will continue to work hard and lead the way in spearheading blockchain-based initiatives and solutions in the fintech space but also across various other industries as well.

As expected, the team got positive feedback. For instance, a Twitter user said: “Such brilliant news! Thanks for sharing Markus – I know the community is very appreciative of you breaking $ICX news like this. Exciting times ahead.”

ICONLOOP is a tech firm that’s based in Seoul, and the company is specialized in the design and implementation of the blockchain technology.

The firm developed its very own engine, loopchain, and a massive range of services are based on it.

ICON is one of the projects that the company has, but it is not owned by it.

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