Bitcoin Dice is considered by many players to be the purest form of gambling. The reason behind that is the overall simplicity and the factor of immense levels of fun. Any gambler can easily control the game in it’s slightest details and choose the level of difficulty for themselves. It’s all about choosing the right range of numbers that the dice might roll on and adjusting various characteristics of reward to risk ratio. Bitcoin Dice has become hugely popular thanks to several major features that differentiate it from the other games of the crypto gambling industry.

Total Control over the game of Bitcoin Dice

Players can fully control their game with Bitcoin Dice and proceed into the gameplay as they see fit. This is one of the main advantages that the game offers to the gamblers. Compared to other casino games, here the players can set the range of numbers and their coefficients and odds. If you like to risk for the big win, that can be easily arranged. If you’re a careful planner and wish to go towards your profit with various strategies, you can adjust the risks to be significantly lower. This is the best part, it’s all in the hands of the player.

Provable Fairness of the BTC Dice

Bitcoin Dice games are generally designed with the technology of Provably Fair. This system is based on hash algorithm technology which provides the in-depth analysis of the gameplay. Through Provably Fair, players can spectate the process and ensure that the casino will never be able to commit any type of fraud against them. The simple idea behind the provably fair system is that the casino can’t see the bet of the player before the round is finalized, leaving players with an absolutely guaranteed fairness of the game.

Low House Edge of the Bitcoin Dice

Another feature of Bitcoin Dice is usually the lowest parameters of house edge. The most popular crypto casinos always provide the lowest percentages in the industry and generally the house edge of Bitcoin dice is beneath the 1% Mark. This is a massive advantage for the gamblers, because it increases the chances of the winning bet significantly.

Best place to look for the Websites with BTC Dice

There are many bright examples in the crypto gambling industry that offer the best versions of Bitcoin Dice. The best way to look for such websites are the various review sites, gambling forums and boards. One of the best review websites to consider is BitcoinGamblers, where you can easily obtain all the valuable information about the various crypto casinos that offer amazing BTC Dice Games.

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