Introducing Token Locking: Cardano Initiates Hard Fork

It seems that a hard fork was initiated on the Cardano network a few hours ago. This has probably gone unnoticed, and this is probably due to the way in which it’s been executed.

AMBCrypto notes that the hard fork has been initiated in order to introduce the token locking mechanism to the Cardano blockchain and the complete transition will be taking place on Dec.16 at the epoch boundary.

Check out the tweet that Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson shared on his social media account below.

A follower had a question, and he got a quick answer:

When someone asked about what the hard fork involves, the answer was this: “It’s an extension of the block format to support new technical features, essentially. It paves the way for roadmap capabilities to be seamlessly integrated into the current chain. You will need to be running 1.24.2 to mint blocks that implement those features.”

Cardano officially entered the DeFi space

Just the other day, it’s been revealed that Cardano officially entered the DeFi space, and there’s an exciting announcement on social media about all this.

The Cardano Community retweeted a post by IOHK media, and reveals all the available details about the new partnership with Bondly Finance.

The  Cardano community celebrated this achievement.

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