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IOHK Gives A Shout Out To An Awesome Creator In The Community For Making Cardano Staking Guide

Cardano has been making headlines due too all kinds of achievements that the project has been making. Now, IOHK gave a shoutout to an important creator in the community.

Check out their post on Twitter below.

Other than this, Cardano keeps dropping exciting announcements on social media almost on a daily basis. triggering maximum enthusiasm among the community.

Cardano in the news

Recently, Cardano came up in the news following an important announcement made by Charles Hoskinson.

The founder of Cardano said that the crypto is poised to be at the centre of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.

In a new video, he told his subscribers that he’s looking at Kiva, a platform that allows borrowers across 77 countries to secure microloans, as an inspiration for Cardano’s future.

“And I think to myself for me the moment I know that Cardano has truly made a difference and changed the world is if I can open up an application just like I do Kiva at the moment and I can have a direct relationship with someone somewhere in the world who is not doing so well, and I can actually give them not as a gift, not as charity, but a loan to them and they pay me back, and I can do that again and again and again, and I win more than I lose. That to me would mean success for Cardano,” he said as cited by the Daily Hodl. 

He also explained that several factors must come together before Cardano can facilitate microloans to people worldwide in need of capital.

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