Jed McCaleb Sells $22 Million Worth Of XRP

It’s been recently revealed that during the past few weeks, the former Ripple exec has reportedly been selling millions of XRP. noted that “On Sunday, McCaleb dumped another 38 million XRP worth $22 million after selling 95 million XRP last week worth $56 million today.”

He’s been a topical conversation in recent days since the founder has been selling a lot of XRP.

During February, it’s been no different, and reports have been showing McCaleb’s alleged wallet called Tacostand making regular sales.

According to the latest reports, analyst Leonidas Hadjiloizou has been monitoring McCaleb’s XRP sales and tweeting about the dumps regularly.

On Sunday, McCaleb sold even more XRP. The website called shows that the former Ripple executive’s ‘Tacostand’ wallet sold 38 million XRP worth $22 million.

Hadjiloizou tweeted about this event:

Jed will be selling 38,345,406.53 XRP per day this week. This amounts to roughly 268 million XRP or $166M at current prices in 1 week. At this rate, his 2.896 billion XRP would run out by May. At half that rate (19M per day) he would run out by mid-July. At 10M per day by the end of the year.”

Check out the original article in order to learn more details.

Ripple plans to expand institutional liquidity in Asia

The company said that it is looking for a manager for institutional markets who will play an instrumental role in the company’s efforts to expand its reach in the Asia-Pacific market.

“Assist the team with developing and managing relationships with market makers, brokers, exchanges, and other institutional market participants with a focus on the APAC region.”

More than that, the successful candidate will also take the lead in facilitating the institutional adoption of XRP in the region.

“This role will support and work closely with a team of financial professionals on the Institutional Markets team, responsible for managing and expanding XRP liquidity and utility,” according to the notes.

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