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Jordan Peterson Releases “Bitcoin: The Future Of Money?”

Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity and exposure these days. Now, the popular Canadian Psychologist, Professor, writer and YouTuber Jordan Peterson released a podcast episode about Bitcoin.

He’s the latest personality to acknowledge the power of BTC.

Bitcoin, the future of money

The much-anticipated episode is called “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?” and it was recorded on 13 May 2021 but wasn’t released until just this week.

As Bitcoin Magazine reported, the episode is an hour and a half of in-depth technical, philosophical and economic conversation about Bitcoin between the author Dr Peterson and notable bitcoiners John Vallis, Der Gigi, Richard James, and Robert Breedlove.

During this episode, Dr. Peterson delivers many takes that are showing a strong understanding of Bitcoin’s fundamental principles:

“It’s a very interesting idea that Bitcoin provides an incorruptible language of value, preferable to gold.”

Here’s what more he had to say about the king coin:

“So [Bitcoin] is completely transparent. It’s completely distributed. There’s no centralized authority. It can’t be cracked. It can’t be stolen. It doesn’t inflate. It can’t be inflated. It isn’t subject to any form of overt administrative control.”

He concludes by saving the following:

“The very act of Bitcoin sanctifying the sovereignty of the individual is actually tilting individuals towards doing something good rather than something bad. It’s not just neutral as Gigi was laying out, there’s an intrinsic ethic to Bitcoin that is more likely to tilt it in a positive direction.”

Bitcoin in the crypto market

Today, the crypto market looks great with all the important coins trading in the green.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $46,416.79.

There are all kinds of optimistic predictions about the price of the king coin despite the market volatility.

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