JP Morgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banking institutions in the United States, has been accused of filing an unreported fee on a customer who purchased a credit card with a credit card.

The lawsuit was filed last Tuesday in a federal court in Manhattan, saying, “We did not respond to a request for a refund after applying a ‘cash loan’ with a high fee without notice to cryptocurrency buyers.”

The plaintiff, Brady Tucker, claimed that he had been charged $ 143.39 in fees and $ 20.61 in interest by JP Morgan while purchasing cryptocurrency in January and February. Tucker later raised the issue at the customer service counter, but the bank reportedly refused.

The lawsuit points out that JP Morgan violated the requirement to disclose policy changes in the form of a letter to the US Loan Act. He also asked for actual financial damages, $ 1 million in legal damages, and attorneys’ fees.

On Feb. 3, JP Morgan warned that cryptocurrency has been banned from being purchased on credit cards, fearing that the banking system itself would be disrupted by the service.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for JP Morgan said, “We still can not afford to buy a credit card with a credit card.”

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