It seems that JPMorgan is having a massive success with their JPM Coin. Check out the latest reports, which support the claim below.

JPM Coin in the news

JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s digital currency, JPM Coin, is expected to handle daily transactions worth up to $10 billion over the next one to two years, according to Umar Farooq, the bank’s Global Head of Financial Institution Payments.

Farooq is optimistic about a significant increase of five to ten times in the number of transactions during this period, given that JPM Coin currently processes around $1 billion per day.

“We believe it’s it’s going to start taking off,” he stated during an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Haslinda Amin at the Singapore FinTech Festival on Wednesday.

JPM Coin enables dollar and euro payments for wholesale clients through a private blockchain.

Despite being operational, it’s a minor fraction compared to JPMorgan’s daily $10tn transactions. Blockchain advocates argue for lower-cost and instantaneous payments but its scalability hasn’t been tested at the same scale as traditional payment networks.

JPMorgan’s JPM coin has proven to be very effective in various applications. The company’s blockchain-powered payment system, Onyx, has taken a step further by introducing a new feature that allows clients to automate payments using the JPM Coin.

With this enhancement, customers can program the system to cover financial obligations such as overdue payments and margin calls.

Naveen Mallela, Global Head of Coin Systems at Onyx, stated that Siemens, a German-based company, recently utilized JPMorgan’s JPM Coin system to set up its account for transfers, addressing potential funding gaps.

Clients can now program their accounts using JPM Coin, incorporating a set of conditions to facilitate fund movements for covering overdue payments and margin calls.

Programmability is a milestone for digital currencies and tokenized money, enabling dynamic and event-driven infrastructure, crucial for automated treasury operations.

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