It has been just revealed that JPMorgan has made a massive move in the crypto space. Check out the latest reports on its tokenization platform below.

JPMorgan launches tokenization platform

Scott Melker announced on his social media account on X that JPMorgan is making waves in the crypto space.

The Wolf of All Streets notes that JPMorgan has introduced its blockchain-based tokenization platform, known as the Tokenized Collateral Network (TCN).

“The application was developed in-house and recently settled its first trade for asset management heavyweight BlackRock. TCN leverages blockchain technology to allow investors to use traditional assets as collateral more efficiently. In the inaugural transaction between JPMorgan and BlackRock, shares of a money market fund were tokenized and transferred to Barclays bank as security for an over-the-counter derivatives exchange.”

In May 2022, JPMorgan tested their platform internally before making it available to other clients. The platform is now live and offers a range of transactions to its users.

One of the main benefits of the platform is that it simplifies and enhances the traditional settlement process.

By using decentralized technology, the entire process becomes more efficient, quicker, and more secure.

Melker mentioned that Tyrone Lobban, the head of Onyx Digital Assets at JPMorgan, TCN has the potential to unlock capital and use it as collateral in ongoing transactions.

The application facilitates the movement of collateral almost instantly, which is a significant improvement over the slower methods used in the past.

This feature allows clients to access intraday liquidity through secured repo transactions using tokenized collateral, thereby reducing the need for expensive unsecured credit lines.

Clients who participate in the process can have their own node for settling trades and accessing reports, making it a more convenient and hassle-free experience.

“This development marks a pivotal moment for JPMorgan, which has transitioned from being skeptical about the decentralized world to actively testing and launching various blockchain and crypto-centered services,” Melker concludes his post.

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